Dr Muhammad Masood Azeem

Postdoctoral Fellow - UNE Business School

Muhammad Masood Azeem

Phone: +61 267731835

Email: mazeem@une.edu.au


Masood Azeem is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Agribusiness in the UNE Business School.

He is an economist by training and a graduate of the University of Western Australia (UWA) where he completed his PhD in Economics.

He holds a Bachelor of Agriculture and a Master in Development Economics with first class honours from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), Pakistan. He joined UAF’s Institute of Agricultural and Resource Economics as a Lecturer in the year 2006.

Dr. Masood served at UAF for 5 years before proceeding for PhD studies at the UWA. His research is empirical in nature with a strong policy focus. He has published his work in refereed journals including Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Food Policy, Journal of Asian Economics, and Social Indicators Research.


PhD (Agricultural Economics)


UNE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2017-2020)

UWA International Postgraduate Research Award for PhD studies (2012-2016)

Teaching Areas

Analytics for Business Research, Econometrics,  Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Monetary Economics, Managerial Economics, Public Finance, and Human Resource Development

Primary Research Area/s

Firm-level innovation; Vertical coordination strategies in SMEs; Agribusiness; Applied Econometrics; Development Economics

Research Interests

Recent and ongoing research includes

Dr Azeem has recently published two research papers in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (ABDC- A). The first examines factors affecting customers’ share of wallet spent in various supermarkets. The second characterizes food buyers’ loyalty to brands and stores. In both cases the implications for food industry managers of the changing agribusiness competitive environment are examined. On-going work by Dr Azeem involves three new studies on innovation. The first uses an international database maintained by the World Bank, which allows insight into the extent of innovation in agribusiness and the factors explaining innovation performance. The second aims to use Australian Bureau of Statistics Data generated from surveys of innovation by Australian firms. The third will be the subject of a large scale survey, to examine linkages between innovation and vertical integration in Australian agribusiness (i.e. “farm to fork”).

Research Supervision Experience

Dr Azeem currently supervise Mr. Peter Musinguzi, a PhD candidate at the UNE Business School, on his research entitled “Social Enterprises and sustainable rural development: their performance, sustainability and impacts on beneficiaries’ livelihoods”.  Moreover, he has successfully supervised 36 Master thesis students as a principal supervisor.


Adapa, S., Syed, F.E.H., Balaji, M.S., Azeem, M.M. & Mortimer, G. (forthcoming) "Examining the antecedents and consequences of perceived shopping value through smart retail technology".

Azeem, M.M., and Baker D., (forthcoming). "Human Capital Endowments, Establishments' Practices, and Innovation: a Cross-Country Analysis of the Food and Beverage Industry."

Azeem, M. M., Baker, D., Villano, R. A., Mounter, S., & Griffith, G. (2019). Response to stockout in grocery stores: A small city case in a changing competitive environment. Journal of retailing and consumer services, 49(2019): 242-252. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretconser.2019.04.001

Azeem, M. M., Baker, D., Villano, R. A., Mounter, S., & Griffith, G. (2018). Food shoppers’ share of wallet: A small city case in a changing competitive environment. Journal of retailing and consumer services, 43(2018): 119-130. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretconser.2018.03.009

Azeem, M. M., Mugera, A. W., & Schilizzi, S. (2018). Do Social Protection Transfers Reduce Poverty and Vulnerability to Poverty in Pakistan? Household Level Evidence from Punjab. The Journal of Development Studies, (2018): 1-27. doi:10.1080/00220388.2018.1448068​

Azeem, M. M., Mugera, A. W., and Schilizzi, S. (2017) From Static One-Dimensional Poverty to Vulnerability to Multi-Dimensional Poverty: An Empirical Comparison of Alternative Measurement Approaches. The Journal of Development Studies, (2017): 1-25.

Azeem, M. M., Mugera, A. W., Schilizzi, S., & Siddique, K. H. M. (2017). An assessment of vulnerability to poverty in Punjab, Pakistan: Subjective choices of poverty indicators. Social Indicators Research, 134(1), 117-152.

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Azeem, M.M., A. Mugera.,and S. Schillizi. (2016).Poverty and Vulnerability in the Punjab, Pakistan: A multilevel analysis. Journal of Asian Economics. 44(2016): 57-72.


Member Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES).