Local Server Space - "Barney"

File Space - Windows Server

For users with a UNE account space is available on our Windows file-server (called Barney).

Two main areas are available on Barney, the

  • Users area (also known as the H: drive) which contains your personal user space; and the
  • Stafffiles area (also known as the S: drive) which contains departmental folders for shared documents.

Users who log onto the UNE Domain when starting their computer will automatically connect to Barney (your H: and S: drives will appear in the file explorer on your computer).

PLEASE NOTE: Access to Barney is available from on-campus only. If you need to access your files on barney from off-campus, you need to first set up a VPN client and establish a VPN tunnel connection to UNE.

How to request access:

As a UNE staff member, you automatically have access to your personal file space on Barney. Access to a shared folder on Barney needs to be requested by your supervisor (by email to the IT Service Desk)