Residential System - Sundry Charges

Description Charge - Including GST
Academic Gown $110.00
All college residents require an academic gown for formal dinners and other activities.  First year residents collect an academic gown during orientation week.  The academic gown charge is placed on the resident's account. 
Cleaning Charge Minimum charge $55.00
The charge can vary depending on the time required to return room area to a satisfactory state.
Additional hourly cleaning charge of $44.00
If carpet cleaning is required will also be on a cost recovery basis. 
Key/Card Replacement $88.00
Damages Charge $55.00 Administrative Charge plus cost recovery
Fire Alarm Activation Charge $220.00 (if deliberate)
Refitting Bed Boards at Austin College $27.50
Replacement Charge Administrative fee of $55.00 plus cost recovery.
This charge will be incurred if you were considered responsible for the damage or removal of an item from your room or Residence.
Failure to complete Residential Check Out Process (includes returning of keys/card and removal of all belongings). $55.00 plus the Daily Room Charge will be applied.
If a resident occupies their room outside of their contracted dates without prior arrangements with Residence.  $55.00 plus the Daily Room Charge will be applied. 
Room Transfer Charge No charge for First Room Transfer Request. A charge of $22.00 will be incurred for additional room change requests in a contracted period. 
Lock Out Charges $55.00
An administrative fee may be incurred for more than 4 lock outs within a contracted period.
Disciplinary Fine As per the Residential Code of Conduct.