BUS Research Units

Why do research units?

A suite of research units is available within the UNE Business School. Depending on the course requirements and whether you are at postgraduate, Honours or undergraduate level, these units can be enrolled at 400 or 500 level and with differing credit points (6, 12, 18, 24, 48 credit points (cp)). The research units allow you to investigate a topic with relevance to your field. This will give you the opportunity to choose an appropriate topic; evaluate the potential contribution in the literature or in the industry of your choice; develop and apply appropriate research methodologies; and analyse and interpret the results. If of sufficient merit, research outputs can also be published in refereed outlets, such as journals or industry reports.

What are the research units offered?
In which courses can I do these units?

The units are offered in the following courses, however you may be able to undertake one of these units as an elective, if your course permits. You will need to check the Course Rules that apply to your admission, i.e. the year and rule under which you were admitted.


Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics (Rule (a))


Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics (Rule (b))

Bachelor of Agribusiness with Honours

Bachelor of Economics with Honours


Master of Economic and Regional Development (Rule (a) and (b))

Master of Economics (Rule (a), Rule (b), Rule (c))


Master of Economic and Regional Development (Rule (a) and (b))


Master of Economics (Rule (a), Rule (b), Rule (c))


Master of Philosophy (Business)


Master of Business Administration (Rule (a), Rule (b), Rule (c))

Master of Strategic Organisational Development and Human Resource Management (Rule (a), (b))


Master of Business Administration (Rule (a), Rule (b), Rule (c))

Master of International Business (Rule (a), (b) and (c))

How do I enrol in a research unit?

Please follow the process outlined below to enrol in one of these units:

  1. Decide on a topic area and approach a member of staff with experience in that area regarding supervision. If you can’t identify a supervisor, please contact your Course Coordinator.
  2. Download the BUS Research Units form
  3. Fill in your topic title; rationale, aims and outline of the research project; and assessment information in consultation with your supervisor.
  4. Both you and your supervisor sign the form.
  5. Send the signed form to the Unit Coordinator.
  6. Enrol in the unit online through your MyUNE portal for the teaching period in which you want to undertake the research project. It will appear as INVALID.
  7. The Unit Coordinator will contact Student Success and your supervisor when they approve your enrolment in the unit.
  8. Your supervisor will let you know your enrolment is approved and you will be able to check this in your MyUNE portal – INVALID will change to ENROLLED.