New Equipment Acquisitions

SMZ25 Stereo Microscope (279.4 KB)

Highest quality, flexible multipurpose, motorised stereophotomicroscope with bright field, dark field, polarising, fluorescence, 2D and 3D imaging and analysis, with associated PC and 24” monitor.

BioRad Gel Doc EZ Gel Imager (112.7 KB)

Automated gel imaging instrument (“gel-doc”) designed to yield publication-quality images and analyzed results with just the push of a button.

Millennium Excalibur As and Ab Speciation Unit (356.2 KB)

Atomic fluorescence spectrometer hyphenated with an HPLC module to allow the user to resolve speciation of arsenic and antimony.

Pippin Prep System Targeted Size Selection (104.1 KB)

An electrophoresis-based system for targeted size selection of nucleic acids, specifically for NGS library preparation.

Sartorius MSE3 Micro Balance (79.9 KB)

A microbalance for weighing small particles – such as seeds, small rocks, flowers, small animals (deceased only!) (and no corrosive chemicals)

2100 Bioanalyzer (96.3 KB)

DNA, RNA, and protein sizing, quantitation and quality control system.

Leco TruMac Total Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur Analyser (99.7 KB)

Determines carbon/nitrogen/sulfurin characteristically heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low-level samples in approx. 6 minutes.

Nanodrop 8000 (154.5 KB)

DNA, RNA, and protein quantitation and quality control system.

Nikon SMZ1270 Stereo Microscope (465.3 KB)

A versatile stereo microscope

QuiAgility pipetting robot (146.2 KB)

A robot for molecular laboratory liquid handling.

QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System (138.7 KB)

Third generation PCR system to absolutely quantify DNA molecules and detect rare DNA alleles (species) among dominant alleles (species)