Sales and Marketing

Agricultural sales professionals market products related to food and crop production and provide customer service as representatives of their companies.

Agricultural marketing is applied across all aspects of  agricultural business, including small farms, corporate farms, and collectives; distributors; manufacturers of farm equipment, pesticides, and genetic enhancements for crops and livestock; feed and seed sellers; and more. There are also government agencies which monitor and direct agribusiness practices.

Sales and Marketing Representatives also work in a variety of agribusiness companies, promoting agricultural inputs (such as seed and fertiliser) and services (such as soil sampling).

People talking in vegetable crop

Tasks common for Agricultural Sales and Marketing Representatives
  • Communicate about agronomy products, and make appropriate recommendations to prospective customers
  • Create campaigns for growing market shares and opening new markets
  • Sales presentations with producers
  • Monitor prices of competitors’ products, as well as the prices (and prospective prices) of their customers’ produce, and strategically respond
  • Work for government agencies, promoting farm and commodity interests in their state or region
Some industries that employ Agricultural Sales and Marketing Representatives
  • Department of Primary Industries
  • Farming enterprises
  • Rural supply companies
  • Business-to-business wholesale distributors
  • Agricultural seed, chemical and fertiliser distributors
  • Livestock, grain and fibre exporters
Aptitudes for this career

Have excellent oral, written communication and problem solving skills, with good negotiation abilities. Have an aptitude to work well both unsupervised and within a team, and enjoy travel.

If you are in high school, keep taking mathematics and science subjects.