Body Donor Program

A unique gift

Memorial area outside the school of rural medicinePeople who donate their bodies for anatomical examination and/or medical research make an invaluable contribution to the advancement of medical knowledge.  It is a unique gift that helps to promote health and alleviate suffering within the community — a gift that is greatly appreciated by medical researchers, teachers and students alike.

The University of New England offers a Body Donor Program to the public to help train doctors, surgeons, medical scientists, and other health-related professionals, and, provide our medical students with the best possible education and training.

To receive further information please contact us:

Phone: 02 6773 3087 (Please leave your name and address and we will forward the required documents to register.)

To register a Donor's notification of death please contact:

Body Donor Program - in hours  9.00am-5.00pm - 02 6773 3087

Body Donor Program - after hours - 02 6772 2288 (Piddingtons Funeral Director)