About Us

Within the School of Health we are committed to excellence in interprofessional health and social care. Our courses are offered at the undergraduate and post-graduate level; delivered by highly skilled academics and practitioners; and produce industry-ready graduates through work-integrated learning opportunities.

Our commitment to excellence in interprofessional health and social care is reflected not only by the range of awards we offer but also by the fact that our practise-based courses are fully accredited with their respective accreditation bodies:

As our aim is to produce graduates who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make valuable contributions within their professional environments, we use innovative, flexible, personalised approaches to teaching and learning.

The School has a strong research focus with an excellent publication record and we attract students from across the disciplines wishing to undertake post-graduate research. Our core areas of research interest include:

  • Health workforce training and retention, with an emphasis on patient-centred care and safety.
  • Improving both the physical and mental health and well-being of rural and regional communities, including indigenous communities.
  • Developing sustainable local, regional, national and international partnerships within and across the health sector.

We hope that you enjoy exploring what we have to offer. Please feel free to contact us (health-admin@une.edu.au) for further information.

Head of School