About Us

The UNE School of Health offers a variety of courses in Nursing, Social Work, Counselling and Mental Health, and Health Management, with opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are committed to excellence in health and social care, and to working in an inter-professional manner. Our teaching is flexible, transformational, personal, interactive and engaging. We use innovative approaches to teaching and learning and focus our research on rural health priorities, including development of the health workforce and service delivery.

Our courses are current, and delivered by highly skilled academic staff.  Our professional courses are fully accredited with their respective governing bodies and aim to produce graduates who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make valuable contributions within their professional environments.

We have a large body of postgraduate students who undertake research across the disciplines in the School. Our academic staff have a strong research focus with an excellent publication record.  Our core areas of research interest include:

  • Health workforce training and retention, with an emphasis on patient-centered care.
  • Improving health and well-being of rural and regional communities, including indigenous communities.
  • Developing sustainable partnerships within and across the health sector, including local, regional, national and international.

Overall, we are committed to human rights and social justice.

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Head of School