UNEMA 60th Anniversary

Commemorative Artefact Unveiling

We're celebrating with the unveiling of an Egyptian acquisition

Black and white graphic representing mystery artefact.Date: Wed 6th Feb 2019 3:30pm

Location: Booloominbah Lawns

The Museum of Antiquities (UNEMA) at the University of New England is the first regional museum of antiquities in Australia. Established in 1959 by Classicist Dr Maurice Kelly (1919–2011), its collections encompass the Ancient Mediterranean as well as ethnographic material from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, Oceania, and diorama, engravings, numismatic and teaching material.

2019 is the 60th anniversary of the Museum. To celebrate we will unveil a new Egyptian acquisition at the 40th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS). This international conference is being hosted by the discipline of Classics & Ancient History at the University of New England. What will be unveiled? Come to the festivities to find out ...

Everyone's welcome to this free event.