The Academic Quality Team manages a range of course and unit level surveys. Course and Unit Coordinators are encouraged to utilise the survey reports for student feedback and ratings. The data in these reports are used in formal course and unit reviews.

Course Level Surveys

UNE participates in the national QILT suite of surveys listed below. Course Coordinators and above can access the report here. National reports can be found on the QILT web site.

Student Experience Suvey (SES)

Administered to most commencing and completing students and assesses the quality of the student's course experience.

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

Administered to most graduates after completion and assesses employment outcomes and overall course quality.

Graduate Outcomes Survey Longitudinal (GOSL)

This is a 3 year follow-up survey of the GOS and assesses longer term employment outcomes.

Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

Employers identified in the GOS are invited to asses graduates' job preparedness and foundation skills.

To review UNE survey outcomes, please refer to the Committee Papers page

Unit Level Surveys

Unit and Teaching Evaluation Surveys

Conducted at the end of each teaching period. Unit evaluations are mandatorily conducted on all unit offerings encompassed by UNE's Unit Monitoring Program. Teaching evaluations are conducted on an opt-in basis in association with the unit evaluations.
See the Unit and Teaching Evaluations page for further details on questionnaires and operating processes.

Intensive School Evaluation Surveys

Conducted on request only. Surveys may be requested for intensive school periods prior to commencement of the trimester, for the mid-trimester break or any time outside these designated periods. Please send requests for intensive school evaluation surveys to the Evaluations Officer at stating the unit title, unit mode (internal, external or both) and the dates of the school.