Permission to Enrol Elsewhere

Permission to enrol elsewhere (PTEE) or cross-institutional enrolment is accepted by the University of New England but is granted at the discretion of the Course Coordinator and will, or will not, be approved under the University's General Rule 21.

Permission to Enrol Elsewhere Deadlines

Permission to Enrol Elsewhere Application Forms must be submitted to UNE four weeks before the closing dates of the Institution that you are applying for permission. If your Permission to Enrol Elsewhere Application is received after the four weeks before the closing date there is no guarantee your application will be finalised in time for the other institutions closing date.

Upon completion of Permission to Enrol Elsewhere Studies

Please email an official certified academic transcript by a Justice of the Peace via AskUNE marked attention to the Advanced Standing Section so that your advanced standing can be applied to your record.

Advanced standing will only be granted for passing grades which are equivalent to those of UNE, ie Pass, Credit, Distinction, High Distinction. Conceded Pass results (as they are defined in the UNE Rules) will not attract advanced standing.