Professor Trevor Brown

Chemistry - School of Science and Technology

Trevor Brown

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Deputy Chair of Academic Board

My general interest in Physical and Industrial Chemistry began with my BSc (1981) and MSc (1983) degrees at the Australian National University. An enthusiasm for chemical kinetics and reaction dynamics was initiated after working with Professor John Barker at SRI International and propagated with my PhD studies at the University of Adelaide under the co-supervision of Professors Keith King and Bob Gilbert. Postdoctoral research with Professor Brian Haynes at the University of Sydney resulted in an interest in the development of experimental techniques for investigating the kinetics of gas/solid processes. My independent academic career commenced in 1994 at the University of New England and since then my research interests have mainly concentrated on determining the kinetics of heterogeneous chemical processes that either have or show potential for industrial applications.

Teaching Areas

Physical chemistry
Chemical kinetics
Materials chemistry

Research Interests

My four main areas of current research investigation are:

  • accurate kinetic parameters for heterogeneous catalytic reactions
  • hydrometallurgical processes involving antimony oxide species
  • the kinetics of catalytic coke oxidation
  • biofuels and ionic liquids


Selected publications

Kendell S. M., Brown T. C. and Burns R. C., Accurate low-pressure kinetics for isobutane oxidation over phosphomolybdic acid and copper (II) phosphomolybdates, Catalysis Today, 131, pp. 526-532, 2008.

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