Mr Stephen Goodman

Lecturer , Exercise Science - School of Science and Technology

Stephen Goodman

Phone: +61 6773 3345


Twitter: @SPJGoodman


My higher education was completed at Charles Sturt University, where I attained an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, and a class 1 honours for my work examining the development of neuromuscular fatigue among recreational ultramarathon athletes. Presently, I am finishing my doctorate under the supervision of Professor Frank Marino, titled ‘the effects of hypohydration and thirst on cognitive function and mental fatigue’. Throughout my candidature, I have developed my own area of teaching expertise (motor control and learning throughout the lifespan), but have also taught into several exercise physiology related subjects.


Bachelor of Exercise Science (Rehabilitation), (Hons)  CSU

Teaching Areas

Motor Control

Skills Acquisition

Human Motor Development

Functional Anatomy

Primary Research Area/s

Mental fatigue; Cognition; Physiology

Research Interests

Mental fatigue

Neuromuscular performance

Hypohydration Sports decision making


Goodman, S.P.J. & Marino, F.E. (2017). Dehydration does not impair motor performance or motor learning in military and civilian participants. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Sup2(20), S121-S122.

Goodman, S.P.J., Moreland, A.M., Marino, F.E. (2019). Euhydration preserves cognitive function, but is not superior to hypohydration. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, 1-11

Goodman, S.P.J., Moreland, A.M., Marino, F.E. (2019). The effect of active hypohydration on cognitive function: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Physiology and Behavior, 204, 297-308