Dr Callie Little

Research Fellow , Psychology - Faculty of Medicine and Health; School of Psychology

Phone: +61 02 6773 1704

Email: clittl21@une.edu.au


B.S. Florida State University, M.S. Florida State University, Ph.D. Florida State University

Teaching Areas

Research Interests

Dr. Little's research involves understanding the development of cognitive and academic skills for individuals from early childhood through college. Within this topic, her research focuses on two primary areas, including (a) the individual differences in the development of and associations between cognitive and academic skills with a particular focus on identifying environmental and genetic sources of individual differences, (b) the degree to which molar levels of environmental variation affect the development of cognitive and academic skills. Her work involves the application of quantitative genetic analyses, meta-analytic methods, geo-coding, and developmental modeling of changes in skills over time. Continuing this line of research with the Twin Study of NAPLAN she will be applying innovative techniques such as geo-coding (mapping out what school neighbourhoods are like), and examining how aspects of the environment might influence patterns of development.


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