Dr Janelle Wilkes

Senior Lecturer - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Janelle Wilkes

Phone: +61 2 6773 2025

Email: jwilkes2@une.edu.au



  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) - UNE
  • PhD (Environmental Engineering) - UNE
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education - UNE

Teaching Areas

  • ENGT352 Principles of Hydrology (unit coordinator)
  • RSNR402/502 Freshwaters: Ecology and Management
  • NR331/531 Remote Sensing and Surveying (unit coordinator)
  • RSNR110 Sustaining Our Rural Environments (Climate module and unit coordinator)
  • RSNR120 Sustainable Management and Monitoring of Agricultural and Marine Systems (Surveying module and practical coordinator)

Research Interests

  • Monitoring and management of salt movement from beef cattle feedlots
  • Environmental impact of sewage treatment plants (biosolids and wastewater) to land
  • Acid sulphate soil monitoring
  • Information literacy
  • First year teaching

Sustainable Engineering Group

Research Supervision Experience

Student Supervision

PhD and masters students

  • White, N. (completed) Changes in coastal wetland chemistry due to changes in drainage management
  • Jenkins, R. (completed) Develop methods for monitoring any impacts of longwall mining remotely


  • Crosdale, T  The development of a framework for the assessment of indirect greenhouse gas emissions within the environmental impact assessment process in NSW
  • Cooper, N. Impact of sewage treatment plant on water quality
  • Clibborn, B. Feasibility of using sheep abattoir paunch to rehabilitate agricultural soil
  • Lawrence, J. The environmental and economic implications of use of rainwater tanks in Sydney as an alternative to reticulated water supply


Selected Publications

Wilkes, J. 2012, Screencasts – are they the panacea for dealing with student's diverse mathematical skills?, AAEE conference, Melbourne, December

Glencross-Grant, R., Wilkes, J. 2011, Embedding Sustainability in Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Engineering in Engineers Australia Regional Conference, Armidale, September

Wilkes, J. 2010, Addressing the Diversity of Student Mathematics Preparedness for Engineering Surveying: A Proposal for a Technology Supported Learning Scaffold, Proceedings of the University Learning and Teaching Futures Colloquium, UNE

Wilkes, J., Gurney, L. 2009, 'Perceptions and Applications of Information Literacy by First Year Applied Science Students', Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 40 (3), 159-171

Wilkes, J. 2010, Soil carbon changes in response to feedlot manure application, Australian Society of Soil Science Inc Recent Advances in Soil Science and Management, March

Gurney, L J and Wilkes, J 2008, Creating a library presence in online units, Australian Academic & Research Libraries, vol. 39 (1), 26-37.

Trotter, T., Frazier, P., Jenkins, R., Lamb, D., Wilkes, J. 2007, The effect of longwall mine subsidence on native vegetation and agricultural environments at Proceedings of the 2007 Regional Convention Newcastle Division of Engineers Australia, October.

White, N., Faulkner, R., Frazier, P. and Wilkes, J. 2006, The impact of restoring a tidal regime on wetland water quality: Little Broadwater, NSW, Australia, paper presented at SWS, Cairns, July.

Goonrey, C., Hose, G., Page, D., Pelekani, C. and Wilkes, J. 2003, Allocation of Communally Owned Resources, paper presented at Water: the Australian Dilema, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Melbourne, November.


* Member – Australian Society of Soil Science
* Member – Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA)
* Member - Australasian Association for Engineering Education(AAEE)

Professional Recognition

2012 - Office of Teaching and Learning Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning For addressing deficiencies in numeracy of students in engineering, so as to reduce mathematics anxiety and influence, motivate and inspire students to learn

2011 - School of Environmental and Rural Science Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

2009 - National Finalist in the Lecturer of the Year (Uni Jobs)