Dr David Herridge

Professor - School of Environmental and Rural Science

David Herridge

Phone: +61 2 4942 6950

Mobile: 4 8868 2037

Email: david.herridge@une.edu.au


I have been conducting research for almost 50 years on N2-fixing legumes in farming systems, involving basic soil microbiology through to plant physiology, agronomy and soil chemistry. My current research interests are to develop tools for more efficient management of biologically- and industrially-fixed nitrogen (N) in cropping systems, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from and carbon footprints of fertiliser- and legume-N dependent systems, the latter using life cycle assessment (LCA), and improving legume productivity through the use of biological inoculants, including rhizobia. I currently lead an international aid project in Myanmar that aims to improve productivity of upland legume-based farming systems through improved varieties, nutrient management, rhizobial inoculants and farming practices designed to enhance water-use efficiency.

I have authored/co-authored 8 books/monographs/journal special issues, 96 refereed journal papers, more than 110 citable book chapters/conference papers and more than 120 technical bulletins, abstracts and extension articles. I was Director of the Australian Legume Inoculants Research Unit during 1996–2009 and coordinated national projects for GRDC on the development and ultimate commercialisation of beneficial microbes for major agricultural crops in Australia (2009–11) and the nitrogen fixation program (2012-17). Since 1983, I have led multi-institutional and multi-national projects in Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal and India and have participated in additional research projects in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria.


BScAgr (University of Sydney); MScAgr (University of Sydney); PhD (University of Western Australia).


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Australian Society of Agronomy

Australian Society for Nitrogen Fixation