Dr Chris Guppy

Associate Professor - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Chris Guppy

Phone: +61 2 6773 3567

Email: cguppy@une.edu.au


I trained as a soil chemist at the University of Queensland before taking up an academic position at the University of New England in 2003. My main research areas are soil phosphorus chemistry, root responses to nutrients, and rhizosphere chemistry.  Current active research projects also include K and S nutrition in soils, and N and C cycling in soil.  Recent research has also focussed on novel P, S, N, and Si fertiliser sources and assessing short-term and long term nutrient use efficiency.  The interaction of nutrient supply and root response is currently investigated using state-of-the-art micro-CT tomography.  UNE has a strong focus on farming systems research and I have consequently been involved in two national farming systems programs under the Grain and Graze banner.  My specific interest in these systems is the integration of Precision Agricultural tools to assess and monitor production and environmental outputs from mixed farming systems. Tools that assess soil water and salt, plant vigour, emergence and yield, and stock movement and weight gain require integration at both paddock and farm scale to be considered useful in economic and production decision making. These are pursued within the UNE Precision Agriculture Research Group (PARG).

Teaching Areas

Speciality Area/s:

  • Soil chemistry
  • Soil fertility

Teaching Interests

Environmental soil chemistry

Soil fertility

Units taught include:




SOIL310 / 510

SOIL311 / 511

SOIL431 / 531




Research Interests

  • Soil phosphorus chemistry
  • Soil and plant silicon chemistry
  • Rhizosphere processes
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Whole farm systems analysis


Member Australian Society of Soil Science (1996- present)
Certified Professional Soil Scientist - Stage 3 (2007-present)