Dr Zuocheng Zhang

Senior Lecturer, English, Literacies and Language Education - School of Education; Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education

Zuocheng Zhang

Phone: +61 2 6773 3362

Email: zzhang26@une.edu.au


Zuocheng Zhang is a member of the English, Literacies and Languages Education team (ELLE) within the School of Education and the Languages, Literacies and Literature Research network.



Teaching Areas

EDEE300/500 Literacies in Context
EDLA503 Language, Society and Culture
EDUC303 Teaching for Cultural Diversity
EDLA487/488 & EDLI502/504 TESOL I/II
EDLA523 Second Language Acquisition: Research into Practice

Research Interests

I am interested in Business English, language, discourse and identity, multimodality, and TESOL education. My current research focuses on how teachers and students of language and literacy make sense of disciplinary literacies, ESP teacher development, and discourses of diversity and inclusivity in international student education.

Current funded projects

Multimodal construction of diversity and inclusivity for international education: A critical study of Australian university websites targeting international students, School of Education Wider Pool Funding, University of New England, 2017

Study-abroad experiences of international students: Towards a research framework, School of Education Internal Research Grant, University of New England, 2015
Team: Zhang, Z. C., Feez, S., Kigotho, M., Benthien, G., Goldie Sun

Use of interactive media in English Language Teaching at a distance: Impact on pedagogy, practice and outcomes, Deputy Vice Chancellor Strategic Funds, University of New England, 2013
Team: Blass, E., Chan, E., Feez, S., Clary, D., Zhang, Z. C., Morgan, A.-M., & Hathaway, T.

Research Supervision Experience

English for Specific Purposes
Language, discourse and identity
Second language acquisition

Current HDR students

Jennyfer Townsend, Doctor of Philosophy thesis titled “The relationship between ESL teachers’ language learning experiences, their cognitions about ESL teaching and learning, and actual classroom practices”, Supervisors: Zuocheng Zhang, Terry Sullivan.

Shannon Baker, Master of Education (Research) thesis titled “Second language learning and identity: Using social interaction as a framework for creating a new identity to help acquire a second language for learners of Chinese”, Supervisors: Zuocheng Zhang, Vegnes Maniam.


Ingrid Wijeyewardene, Doctor of Philosophy thesis titled “Rhetorical and represented agency in Thai political science texts on the 2006 coup d'état", Supervisors: Zuocheng Zhang, Mary Macken-Horarik.

Gaby Benthien, Doctor of Education thesis titled “Study abroad, L2 motivation and English language acquisition: A longitudinal study of the experience of Japanese university students studying English abroad and at home”, Supervisors: Susan Feez, Zuocheng Zhang, Ruth Nicholls.

Wai Sa Ip, Doctor of Education thesis titled “University students’ beliefs about English learning and their use of learning strategies: A mixed-method study in Macao”, Supervisors: Susan Feez, Zuocheng Zhang, Thu Ngo.


Recent publications

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Zhang, Z. C. (2013). Business English students learning to write for international business: What do international business practitioners have to say about their texts? English for Specific Purposes, 32, 144-156.


Asia-Pacific Rim LSP and Professional Communication Association

Consultancy Interests

ESP course design and evaluation
ESP teacher development