Dr Jennifer (Jan) Connelly

Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Education

Jennifer (Jan) Connelly

Phone: +61 02 6773 5391

Email: jconne7@une.edu.au


Dr Jennifer (Jan) Connelly is currently a part-time lecturer in the Learning and Teaching team having returned to UNE after working in Hong Kong universities. Jan’s background spans years of classroom teaching at Primary, Secondary levels and tertiary Teacher Education at University level, with the focus on pedagogy related to literacy, English language teaching, and ethnic and minority education.

Jan holds a PhD from the University of Queensland in the field of pedagogy and Indigenous Education, and has conducted research in Hong Kong most recently in ethnic and minority education and in Youth’s Digital Literacies Practices https://digital-literacies-practices.com/.

At UNE Jan teaches graduate and postgraduate units in the Promotion of Effective Learning, and Rural and Urban Classrooms.


PhD, Queensland University, Australia
RSA Cambridge CELTA, Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
Insearch UTS, Sydney, Australia
MEd (Hons), University of Wollongong, Australia
Graduate Diploma, Education Studies Reading/ E.S.L. University of Wollongong, Australia
Bachelor of Social Science, University of New England, Armidale, Australia


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