Dr Tanya M Howard

Senior Research Fellow - Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (AgLaw)

Phone: +61 6773 3282

Email: thoward9@une.edu.au


Tanya Howard is Senior Research Fellow at the University of New England. She is currently leading a multi-disciplinary team on the Bushfires and Natural Hazards CRC project ‘The Human Dimensions of Environmental Crime’ (ERP-19).

Tanya completed her PhD in 2015 as part of the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Grant ‘Next Generation Landscape Governance’(LP110100659). Tanya’s doctoral thesis explored participatory processes in the environmental governance of rural landscapes and capacity building in rural communities. This research applied socio-legal methods to explore how community voices are brought into environmental governance.

Between 2015-2018 Tanya worked with Professor Ted Alter from Penn State University as Post-Doctoral research fellow on the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre project ‘Facilitating Effective Community Action’.

Prior to entering academia, Tanya worked with rural and remote communities to develop and deliver quality natural resource management and environmental sustainability outcomes across the non-government to government sectors.

Tanya has a degree in Political Science, a Masters in Environmental Education and a PhD in community engagement for natural resource management. She also has intensive training in indigenous research methodologies (Charles Darwin University) and community engagement (Penn State University).

While at UNE, Tanya has taught natural resource policy, community engagement and agricultural extension. Tanya is a Board Member of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources, and an alumnus of the Kettering Foundation in the USA. Tanya is passionate about the role of authentic and honest communication, deliberative practices and community participation in the pursuit of environmental and social justice.


BA (UNSW), MEnvEd (Macq), PhD (UNE)

Research Interests

Community engagement, environmental crime, political ecology, natural resource governance, socio-legal methodologies



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  • Howard, T. M., T. Alter, P. Frumento and L. J. Thompson (2018). 'Community pest management: a narrative approach'. Melbourne, Springer, in press.

Book chapters

  • Howard, T. & Teles Da Silva, S. (2015), 'Possible legal obligations to consult' in Martin, P. & Kennedy, A. (eds), Implementing Environmental Law, The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Series, Edward Elgar

Journal articles

  • Howard, T. M. (2018). "Balancing the see-saw of natural resource governance: The interaction of legislation, policy and practice in four Australian participatory processes." Australasian Journal of Environmental Management in press.
  • Howard, T. M., L. J. Thompson, P. Z. Frumento and T. Alter (2017). "Wild dog management in Australia: an interactional approach to case studies of community-led action." Human Dimensions of Wildlife 23 (3).DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/10871209.2017.1414337
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  • Howard, T. (2015), 'Olive branches and idiot's guides: Frameworks for community engagement in Australian wind farm development', Energy Policy, vol.78, pp:137-147

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