Dr James Brinkhoff

Senior Research Fellow - Precision Agriculture Research Group (PARG); School of Science and Technology

James Brinkhoff

Phone: +61 6773 4364

Email: jbrinkho@une.edu.au


James received a PhD in electronics from Macquarie University in 2005. He then worked on an ARC linkage project, modeling and designing devices for millimeter-wave communications. Among other subsequent positions, he worked with Broadcom for 5 years, designing radio frequency circuits for WiFi chips, some of which were used in high-end smartphones. In 2015, he moved into agriculture research, particularly focusing on wireless sensor networks and remote sensing for irrigation optimisation at Deakin University. He joined UNE in 2019, where he is engaged in applied analytics of remote sensing data for a number of agricultural projects across multiple industries.


PhD in Electronics (Macquarie University, 2005)

Research Interests

"Improving mid-season Nitrogen management for rice", Agrifutures and DPI, 2018-

"Precise real-time automated cotton irrigation for improved water productivity", CRDC and Deakin University, 2018-

"Remote sensing pilot study for Australian peanuts", Peanut Company of Australia, 2019-

"Remote and proximal sensing for Nitrogen mid-row banding in a post-rice crop", GRDC and WMLIG, 2017-2018.


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Consultancy Interests

Wireless sensor networks, remote sensing for agricultural applications