What's New in Policies

Recent Updates - 25 May 2020:

New and Updated Committee Terms of Reference

Dear Colleagues

New Terms of Reference have been published for the Investment Sub-Committee (a sub-committee of the Finance and Infrastructure Committee of Council).

This Sub-Committee has been established to provide advice to the Finance and Infrastructure Committee and Vice-Chancellor on the management of University investments with particular reference to:

  • the appropriateness of investment policies;
  • the success of investment strategies; and
  • the sustainability of investment activities.

All staff involved in investment-related activities should familiarise themselves with the requirement to regularly report to this Sub-Committee on the performance of investments.

Changes have also been made to the Terms of Reference of two other Council Committees.

  1. Terms of Reference/Charter (Council Approved) – Audit and Risk Committee: Minor changes have been made to clarify the objectives of the Committee. A copy of the UNE Internal Audit Charter has also been added as an associated document.
  2. Terms of Reference (Council Approved) – Finance and Infrastructure Committee: Minor changes have been made to reflect the new Investment Sub-Committee.

For any general enquires regarding policies or policy changes, please contact Caitlin, Gabrielle or myself at policies@une.edu.au.

Kind regards

Ryan Young on behalf of Records Policy and Governance Unit

Previous Updates (22 April 2020)

RECENTLY PUBLISHED! University Collections Principles and Guidelines

Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to advise that the new Principles and Guidelines for the University’s Collections are now published to the UNE Policies website.

These new policy instruments allow for a cohesive and consistent approach to the promotion, use and standard of practice of all UNE collections activities across UNE.

  • The University Collections Principles highlight the valued role of our amazing University Collections, as well as the importance of effective management and care of collections.
  • The associated Guidelines cover the steps for establishing and reviewing collections; aspects of the ongoing management and reporting/governance; the promotion and use of collections; specific roles and responsibilities and compliance management expectations.
  • Key aspects of the new guidelines include:
    • the details of all University Collections are to be maintained on the UNE Collections Register which is approved by the Vice-Chancellor; and
    • each University Collection will have a Custodian with resource and oversight responsibility, including for appointment of the Collection Manager.
  • The University Collections Committee has a key role in governance and monitoring of University Collections and advising the Vice-Chancellor on collections matters (approvals, adherence to standards etc).
    • Collections will be required to provide an annual review report, endorsed by the collection's Custodian, to the University Collections Committee.
    • Please note that any other collections related committees of the University will have no further operation following a three month transition period (i.e. end June 2020).
  • Management procedures for a specific Collection are allowed for within the Guidelines – but any such procedures must be reviewed by the Custodian/University Collections Committee as consistent with the overarching Principles and Guidelines.
  • UNE Staff need to be aware that there is an approval process that is to be followed before the University accepts donations or objects for a University Collection. The acceptance process will often require that the Collection Manager research the provenance of the object and assess it suitability for Collection, involving the Collection Custodian as required. If you are approached regarding a potential donation to a Collection - you should contact  njarry@une.edu.au or the Office of Advancement Communications and Events via advance@une.edu.au.
  • The Associate Director University Collections is able to provide support and advice regarding collections matters. Please contact Narelle Jarry on email: njarry@une.edu.au.

REVISED! Terms of Reference - Online Governance Committee

Dear Colleagues

Please be advised that changes have been made to the Terms of Reference for the Online Governance Committee effective immediately. These changes have been approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

The key changes involve:

  • providing additional authority to the Committee, including the ability to authorise the removal of online content that is in breach of established guidelines and policy;
  • focusing the Committee on strategic (rather than operational) issues, including oversight of business as usual activities relating to online content (outside teaching and learning content); and
  • addressing and removing overlap between the Information Technology Governance Committee and this Committee.

All staff members should review these terms of reference so that they are familiar with when they might be required to report to the Committee regarding planned website content changes, and what processes they need to follow regarding online content to ensure that it meets the expected University standard.

The Secretary for the Online Governance Committee can be contacted via the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor External Relations via pvcer@une.edu.au. Please view the updated Terms of Reference.

For any general enquires regarding policies or policy changes, please contact Ryan, Caitlin or myself at policies@une.edu.au.

Kind regards

Gabrielle Price on behalf of Records Policy and Governance Unit