Our Counselling Services

We provide face-to-face, zoom, and phone counselling and 'study gym' sessions to individuals and groups on an appointment basis.

UNE's Counselling Team — we're here to support

UNE's Counselling Team comprises professionally qualified and registered psychologists. Our mission is to provide students with the support needed to succeed with studying at UNE. Study does not occur in a vacuum. Things happen that can impact on your ability to be as focused, motivated, satisfied or organised as you normally would be. If you are unsure how to talk to those around you about your concerns, it can be helpful to run things past a counsellor. You might want to tackle personal concerns such as relationships (with friends, work colleagues, partners, family), manage stress, adjust to being at university, talk about home sickness, a sudden loss or crisis/trauma, low mood or depression, or whether to study or not.

Study gym

Or you may want a 'study gym' session. Let the counsellor be your 'personal trainer' to help boost your confidence, overcome exam or presentation anxiety, manage your time, avoid procrastination, and improve your concentration and memory for effective exam revision.

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