Graduation details checklist

When you receive your graduation invitation, you need to check that you are being assessed for the correct course, that the correct majors and unit sets will appear on your graduation documents, that your legal name is spelled properly, and that your mailing address is current.

1. Check you are being assessed for the correct course

Log into myUNE and click on the myEnrol tab. Now click on the Course Details link. If you have more than one course listed, the top item in the list will be the one that you will be assessed for Graduation Eligibility.

If you still have units to finish, the status will show as 'Enrolled', if you have completed your last units but have not been assessed, the status will show 'Inactive'. If you have been assessed, the status should be 'Completed'.

If the correct course is not listed here, please complete the Graduation Eligibility Assessment form. It is important to complete this form if you have changed degrees, taken on an Honours component that is not showing, or are taking an 'Alternate Exit' such as a diploma instead of (or in addition to) your degree.

2. Check that your majors or specialisations are correct

While on your Course Details page, click on the link for 'Unit Sets for Course'.

If the correct majors are listed, then you do not need to do any more.

If you need to add or change a major (within the rules of your award), you can click on the 'Unit Set Enrolment' link. You must also submit the Graduation Eligibility Assessment form and ensure you list your majors correctly on this form.

3. Check you name and address details are correct

Log into your myUNE page and click on the myInfo tab. Now click on the 'Addresses' link.

Check that your name (as displayed under your student ID left hand corner) is exactly as you want it to appear on your Testamur (degree certificate). Name changes can be made by completing this form and supplying documentary evidence to the Student Central. This applies even if you are not actually changing your name but (for example) you need to add a middle name that has not been previously recorded.

Next, check that your address details are correct. It is important that you provide a current mailing address. If you are unable to attend the ceremony, your Testamur and Australian Higher Education Statement will sent by Registered Post (or if overseas Australia Post Express Courier International) to the mailing address on record with the University.

If any details are incorrect, click the 'Update' button and follow the steps. Your Mailing Address may be in Australia or overseas, and it can be the same as your Home Address if appropriate.