Refurbished computers makes a difference for local Ezidi community

Published 08 March 2019

Computers are so deeply embedded in our lives it is difficult to envision how we would manage without one. Now, thanks to a project introduced by the University of New England, members of the local Ezidi community will soon have access to quality, refurbished computers.

The charitable project was the brainchild of Pro Vice-Chancellor External Relations, Professor Mingan Choct, who, after meeting with Refugee Resettlement Services in Armidale, realised UNE was ideally placed to offer hands-on support to the refugees.

“We wanted to offer practical help to the Ezidi community. By donating refurbished computers to families we are helping them to communicate with government organisations, to study, to look for work and to keep in contact with family overseas,” Prof. Choct said.

“For this first handover we have selected families with children in high school as their need was most urgent.”

Twenty refurbished computers were handed over to community representatives who settled in Armidale in 2018 and 2019.

Community member and inaugural Ezidi English Language Centre scholarship recipient, Hasan Saffuk, thanked the University on behalf of the recipients for the donation.

“Life cannot go on without computer nowadays, especially for students. This is a tremendous step by UNE to advance the life and education of the Ezidis in Armidale. On behalf of the Ezidi community, I would like to thank Pro Vice-Chancellor External Relations, Professor Mingan Choct, for his support to the community,” Hasan said.

The refurbished computer project will run for 12 months with the next handover of 20 computers to take place in two months’ time.

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