Three students sitting in front of the study area of a Duval college room, showing a good sized desk and storage, with two good sized windows and a pin board.
Duval college crest, with motto


Duval has around 8 single study rooms per floor, with shared bathroom

Catering details
Three students serving themselves from the Duval kitchen salad bar.
Duval college crest, with motto


Duval residents eat 5 dinners per week   in the dining hall, with access to a communal kitchen

Catering details

Duval College Crest, with motto Vivimus VivamusDuval College

One of the oldest colleges on campus, Duval provides secure gated grounds, and is designed with small, familiar floors of up to eight people. The people on your floor are in varying years and courses at UNE, and are usually very close. It sounds cliché, but these people become your family; you'll share more with them than a bathroom!

Duval's secure grounds contain twelve blocks, with two floors each, surrounding two shared courtyards where you can hang out with friends, study, have BBQs and picnics, or play games. Inside, there's a piano, drum kits and other musical equipment and anyone who plays an instrument is encouraged to bring it along to college, where you can continue to develop your talents by participating in the Colleges Music Ensemble or the Sir Frank Kitto competition. Regardless of talent, all Duvalians are encouraged to perform for their fellow residents at the annual "Night of Stars".

At Duval, you will also have access to our own gym, computer room, and many other spaces for study, socialising, group activities, and solo pursuits. The Duval kayaking club is another unique opportunity that combines sport, social, committee, and fundraising activities, culminating in the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic. Residents can enter as a paddler or as a member of the support crew.