Professional Staff Representative Election

The election is now closed.

Professional staff representatives for Academic Board

To be eligible for election, staff:

  • must be a current HEO6 - HEO10 professional staff member;
  • must be employed on a continuing basis or on a fixed-term basis with a 50% or more work load with sufficient service remaining to fulfil their period of office (approx. 3 years, until 9am on the day of the first Board meeting of 2023);
  • will need to have arranged a supporting 'nominator' and 'seconder' from among the eligible professional staff; and
  • will be asked to make a declaration that they are a fit and proper person under the TEQSA Act and ESOS Act.

Notice of elections

As the number of accepted nominations exceeded the vacancy to be filled, an election is required. Below is the timetable for the elections:

  • 5 - 19 December 2019: Voting period. The election will be conducted electronically via the SRM. As per the Standing Orders, those persons eligible to nominate for the positions are eligible to vote.
  • 20 December 2019: Returning Officer announces the result of the elections.