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Master of Science (Neuroscience)

An overview and information on Course Rules and Plans for the Master of Science can be found in the Courses and Units Catalogue.

Structure for the MSc (Neuroscience)

Trimester 1: Four units of coursework 
Trimester 2: Thesis 
Trimester 3: Thesis 
(students must complete all required coursework units before commencing their thesis.)

Coursework component:

Advanced Standing/Prior Learning

Students may be granted up to 12 credit points of advanced standing for course work units passed prior to admission, provided they have reasonable congruence with those units prescribed in the Coursework component. Any student who believes that they may qualify for advanced standing should (i) check the content of the four required coursework units (see Coursework component) and (ii) write to the Course Coordinator with evidence of their previous studies and the grades they have received.

Research Thesis:

The principal component of the MSc (Neuroscience) is the thesis, which will be undertaken in one of the three areas of research listed below:

Prospective students are urged to access the UNE webpages linked above to read about these areas and the kinds of research topics that staff will supervise.

During the coursework unit NEUR501 Research Topics in Neuroscience, staff will present their research programmes and students will be invited to meet with them and discuss possible topics for their thesis.

The thesis component will provide students with experience in ethical issues, research planning, participant recruitment, data collection, data analysis, laboratory procedures, and scientific writing.

Course Coordinator:

Professor Chris Sharpley. Email:; Ph: 61 2 6773 2596