Computer Science

Computers and software surround us in our daily lives, from business databases and financial systems to iPods, games and the internet. By studying computer science you can learn how software systems work, and gain skills in developing software for all kinds of applications.

Your Science Pathway in Computer Science includes electives in Programming and the UNIX Environment, Quantitative Skills with Applications, Software Development, and Statistical Modelling.

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Further Course options in Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science

This degree provides a solid foundation in core computing knowledge and skills. It combines core subjects in Computational Science together with a range of subjects from other disciplines, such as Economics, Accounting, Genetics, Physics, and Mathematics, to provide students with flexibility in how and where they apply their core skills. Students can major in data science or software design.

Further Information

Where can you go with a pathway in Computer Science?

Graduates of these programs are equipped with strong knowledge and skills in programming, and develop technical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills required for a career in computer science.

In addition to knowledge and skills directly related to this field of study, graduates also develop a range of other skills (e.g. teamwork, analytical, communication). Recognising the value employers place on these skills is an important factor in your graduate job search.

Graduates from these degrees can expect careers in the following industries:

  • Software design and development
  • Web and mobile development
  • Scientific technology
  • Banking and corporate sectors
  • Technical positions in e-business
  • Internet and networking specialists
  • Financial computer programming
  • Economic modelling
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Game programming
  • Electronic product design