Sexual harrassment is never OK. If this has happened to you, help is available.

Who to contact

In an emergency, phone 000.

Then call UNE's Safety and Security on 02 6773 2099.

National Support Number (24-hour support): 1800 572 224

Contact UNE


Safety and Security Team: 02 6773 2099
UNE Student Grievance Unit: 02 6773 4260


UNE Student Grievance Unit: 02 6773 4260
Counselling Service: 02 6773 2897

Submit an anonymous report

We will not tolerate sexual assault or harassment at UNE.

Vice-Chancellor's update - Dec 2017

Sexual harassment and assault are unacceptable at any level. This is everyone's business and I urge students and staff alike to step up to address this problem. UNE will not tolerate sexual harassment and assault, in any form or in any environment.

- Professor Annabelle Duncan, UNE Vice-Chancellor and CEO.

The University of New England firmly upholds the right of all our members to be treated fairly, with respect and free from threatening or inappropriate behaviour — including sexual assault, sexual or other harassment, acts or threats of violence, intimidation or discrimination — and to work, study and live in a safe and caring environment.

Many resources exist to help our members. We provide support and guidance to all UNE community members concerned about threatening or inappropriate behaviour.

We are committed to providing a respectful, safe and secure learning, living and working environment.

Safety and respect is central to UNE’s culture.

It starts with Respect for everyone, right Now, and Always.

If you or someone you know are feeling unsafe or unsure what to do about threatening, uncomfortable or unwanted behaviour, you can talk to us about what is happening, how you feel, and what we can do together.

When you contact UNE, you are in control

When you contact UNE, we:

  • Put your safety first
  • Listen to you
  • Offer you support
  • Ask you what you think will help you
  • Explain and explore your options
  • Explain what we have to do to make sure our community is safe, and why
  • Talk to you anonymously if you wish — you don't have to tell us your name.