Dr Timothy Schaerf

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics - School of Science and Technology

Timothy Schaerf

Phone: +61 2 6773 5832

Email: timothy.schaerf@une.edu.au


BSc (Honours) (University of Sydney)
PhD (University of Sydney)

Teaching Areas


Research Interests

I enjoy working on a number of topics connected to applied mathematics and mathematical biology including: understanding the mechanisms behind collective animal movement, decision making and nest-site selection by honey bees, vortex dynamics, construction of amazing brood combs by stingless bees and the circumstances that allowed uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA to become ubiquitous.


Selected Recent Publications

M. J. Hansen, T. M. Schaerf and A. J. W. Ward, The influence of nutritional state on individual and group movement behaviour in shoals of crimson-spotted rainbowfish (Melanotaenia duboulayi), Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 69(10), pp 1713—1722, 2015.

J. R. Christie, T. M. Schaerf and M. Beekman, Selection against heteroplasmy explains the evolution of uniparental inheritance of mitochondria, PLoS Genetics, 11(4), e1005112, 2015.

M. Beekman, J. C. Makinson, M. J. Couvillon, K. Preece and T. M. Schaerf, Honeybee linguistics – a comparative analysis of the waggle dance among species of Apis, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 3, doi:10.3389/fevo.2015.00011, 2015.

J. C. Makinson, T. M. Schaerf, A. Rattanawanne, B. P. Oldroyd and M. Beekman, Consensus building in the giant Asian honeybee, Apis dorsata, swarms on the move, Animal Behaviour, 93, pp 191—199, 2014.

T. M. Schaerf, J. C. Makinson, M. R. Myerscough and M. Beekman, Do small swarms have an advantage when house hunting? – The effect of swarm size on nest-site selection by Apis mellifera, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 10, 20130533, 2013.

J. E. Herbert-Read, S. Krause, L. Morrel, T. M. Schaerf, J. Krause and A. J. W. Ward, The role of individuality in collective group movement, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 280, 20122564, 2013.

T. M. Schaerf and C. Macaskill, On contour crossings in contour-advective simulations – part 2 – analysis of crossing errors and methods for their prevention, Journal of Computational Physics, 231, pp 481—504, 2012.

J. E. Herbert-Read, A. Perna, R. Mann, T. M. Schaerf, D. J. T. Sumpter and A. J. W. Ward, Inferring the rules of interaction of shoaling fish, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(46), pp 18726—18731, 2011.

T. M. Schaerf, M. R. Myerscough, J. C. Makinson and M. Beekman, Inaccurate and unverified information in decision making – a model for the nest site selection process of Apis florea, Animal Behaviour, 82(5), pp 995—1013, 2011.

K. Diwold, T. M. Schaerf, M. R. Myerscough, M. Middendorf and M. Beekman, Deciding on the wing: in-flight decision making and search space sampling in the red dwarf honeybee A. florea, Swarm Intelligence, 5, pp 121—141, 2011.