Ms Belinda Eastgate

Executive Officer - School of Law

Belinda Eastgate

Phone: +61 2 6773 2091



I am the Executive Officer in the School of Law. I work full-time and can be contacted during office hours regarding general enquiries, including the availability of academic staff, production and content of teaching material, as well as information about individual units, their outlines and study guides, when a unit is offered, intensive school dates, prescribed texts and coordinators.  I also administer the appeals which come through to the Head of School for action.

For information in regards to a unit or course, go to Course and Unit Catalogue

Students enquiring about their enrolment or access your units online, go to myUNE

All other student enquiries, first try AskUNE

Contact me anytime for equiries or information in regards to the School, if I am unable to help I will endeavour to find out the correct information required.