Dr Zifirdaus (Zi.) Adnan

Senior Lecturer & Convener, Indonesian Studies; Coordinator, the Regional University Indonesian Language Initiative (RUILI) Administration Hub - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Zifirdaus (Zi.) Adnan

Phone: +61 2 6773 3516

Email: zadnan@une.edu.au


Dr. Adnan is a highly qualified and experienced language teacher, academic supervisor and researcher. He has taught English and Indonesian language and cultures for over 30 years in various institutions, both in Australia and Indonesia. He has won awards for teaching excellence, written 2 books, published multiple research papers and currently supervises 6 PhD students.

He has taught at various institutions including the RAAF School of Languages (Point Cook, VIC), the University of Melbourne and RMIT (Melbourne, VIC), from 1994 to 2001 at Murdoch University (Perth, WA), and at UNE (Armidale, NSW) since 2002.

At Murdoch University he was nominated for the Vice Chancellor's Teaching Award in 2000, and at UNE he won School Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in 2011. He has taught cultural, language and politics units including Indonesian Contemporary Culture, Cultural expressions in Modern Asia, Indonesian Religious History, and Islam in Indonesia.

Previous to working in Australia, Dr Adnan’s career began in Indonesia with the Save the Children and Experiment in International Living Program, where he taught English and Western culture at the Galang Refugee Camp, as well as teaching at a highly prestigious private school in his hometown, Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.


SP (S1) (Sarjana Pendidikan) (IKIP Padang, Indonesia),
BA (Honours in Modern Asian Studies) (Cultural, social and political study of Asia, especially Indonesia), Griffith University
MA (Applied Linguistics), Melbourne University
PhD in Applied Linguistics and Intercultural Education (Curtin University)

Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education with High Distinction.

Teaching Areas

Indonesian cultural and language units including Indonesian Contemporary Culture, Cultural expressions in Modern Asia, Indonesian Religious History, Applied Linguistics (Hons, MA, & PhD Students only) and Islam in Indonesia.

Research Interests

Applied Linguistics, Language Education, Discourse and Genre Analysis of Academic Writing, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), Radicalism and Terrorism, Islam, State and Society in Indonesia.

Research Supervision Experience

Past PhD Projects (supervised with academics either as principal supervisor or co-supervisor)

  • (As principal supervisor) 'Standardization and Certification of Teachers in Indonesia', by Chairil Anwar Korompot from Indonesia (completed in 2013).
  • (As co-supervisor with Prof. Amarjit Kaur), 'Human Traficking in Indonesia'  (Indra Gunawan Cakti from Indonesia) (Completed in 2014)
  • (As principal supervisor) ‘Undergraduate Thesis Defence at Northern Sumatran Universities’ (Iskandar Abdul Samad from Indonesia) (Graduated in 2016)
  • (As principal Supervisor) ‘A Critical Discourse Study of Religious Minorities in Indonesia (Andi Muhammad Irawan from Indonesia) (Graduated in 2017)

Current PhD Projects (supervised with academics as principal supervisor)

  • ‘An Evaluative Study of Indonesian 2004 and 2006 Curricula of English Language’ (Novi Prihananto from Indonesia). (Declared pass subject to minor revision, 2018)
  • ‘Rhetorical Patterns of Talk Shows in the Arab World’, (Hasan Alalmay, from Saudi Arabia, on-going)
  • ‘Rhetorical Patterns and Pragmatic Elements of Indonesian Research Articles’ (Dwi Anggara Asianti, from Indonesia, on-going)
  • ‘Representation of Cosmetic Manufacturers’ Websites (Pornpan Chairat, from Thailand, on-going)
  • ‘Discourse patterns of Indonesian Research Articles published in International journals’ (Warsidi Warsidi from Indonesia, on-going)
  • ‘Insurgency vs Counter Insurgency in Pakistan’ (Retired Brigadier General Zahoor Ahmed, Pakistan)



Adnan, Zifirdaus. 2010. Rhetorical Patterns of Indonesian Research Articles in Selected Humanities Disciplines. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlaag.

Adnan, Zifirdaus & Zifirdaus, Indrawati. 2005 and 2009. Merebut Hati Audiens Internasional. Strategi Ampuh Meraih Publikasi di Jurnal Internasional (Winning International Audience: Effective Strategies in Publishing in International Journal). Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama. The Second Edition of this book was published by Masyarakat Linguistik Indonesia (MLI) (the Linguistic Society of Indonesia).

Selected Refereed Book Chapters

Adnan, Z. (2018) Upgrading EFL teachers’ quality through an online mentoring system, an innovative in-service training model: The case of Indonesia. Accepted. Humaniora, Gajah Mada University, Indonesia.

Adnan, Zifirdaus. (2008). ‘Discourse Structure of Indonesian Research Article
Introductions in Selected Hard Sciences’ in English as an Additional Language in Research Publication and Communication edited by Sally Burgess and Pedro Martin-Martin. Bern: Peter Lang.

Adnan, Zifirdaus. 1997. "Islamic Religion: yes, Islamic (political) Ideology: no."
In Budiman, Arief (Ed.), State and Civil Society in Indonesia, Clayton: The Center of Southeast Asian Studies, Monash University.

Selected Articles in Refereed Journals

Adnan, Z. with Irawan, Andi Muhammad (2018) Locating critical discourse analysis (CDA) in discourse and social studies. International Journal of Humanities and Innovation, Vol. 1, Issue 2, pp. 59-71.

Adnan, Z. (2018) Upgrading EFL teachers’ quality through an online mentoring system, an innovative in-service training model: The case of Indonesia. Humaniora, Vol. no. Gajah Mada University, Indonesia.

Adnan, Z. with Samad, Iskandar Abdul (2018) Generic Structure of an Important, but Neglected, Academic Genre, Undergraduate Thesis Defence Examination, and its Pedagogic Implications. A Collective Case Study at Four Universities in Aceh and North Sumatra Provinces, Indonesia. TESOL International, Volume 13, Issue 2.

Adnan, Z. with Samad, Iskandar Abdul (2017) Using A Genre-Based Approach To Prepare Undergraduate Students For An English Thesis Defence Examination: An Experimental Study To Address The ‘Pedagogical Controversy’. Linguistik Indonesia, Vol. 35, No. 1

Adnan, Z. (2016) Discourse War between the Indonesian. Government and the Indonesian Radicals. Australian Folklore, Vol. 31.

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Adnan, Z. 2011. ‘Ideal-Problem-Solution’ (IPS) Model: A Discourse Model of Research. Article Introductions (RAIs) in  Education. The Australian Review of Applied Linguistics Vol 34, No. 1

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Adnan, Zifirdaus. 2000. "Grammaticalization in the Interlanguage of West Australian Tertiary Learners of Indonesian". Edith Cowan University, Online Journal of Applied Linguistics.

Selected Refereed Conference papers

Adnan, Z. 2017. Getting published in international journals: Some common disadvantageous rhetorical features in research articles (RAs) written by Indonesian authors. KOLITA Conference, Atma Jaya University (Jakarta)

Adnan. Z. 2016. Upgrading Indonesian English Teachers' Quality through Online Mentoring System.TESOL Indonesia International Conference, Mataram, Indonesia.

Adnan, Z. 2016. Why radicalisation will continue in Indonesia to increase if the Indonesian Government doesn’t change its approach and methods of handling terrorism and radicalisation: A Study of Radicalization/Deradicalization in Indonesia. 'Fourth International Conference on Asian Studies 2016', Toronto, Canada 12 June 2016.

Adnan, Z. 2014. Making Our Students Smarter using Genre Approach in Teaching. Paper presented at the Asian 2014 EFL Conference, Clark, The Philippines, 28-30 December 2014.

Adnan, Z. 2014. Why did the de-radicalisation and counter terrorism programs 'fail' in Indonesia? A multi-disciplinary analysis of the (unsuccessful) outcomes of the counter terrorism and de-radicalisation (and counter-deradicalisation) programs in the country. Paper presented at the 2014 ASAA Conference in Perth July 8-10, 2014.

Adnan, Z. 2013. 'Issues with Language Teaching in Indonesia', a paper presented at Syiah Kuala University, Aceh, Indonesia, as an invited speaker, 26 December 2013.

Adnan, Z. 2013. 'Indonesia Teaches English: A Proposal to Improve Language Teaching in Indonesian Schools', a paper presented at ICOLE International Conference held in Makassar, Indonesia. I presented this paper as a keynote speaker.

Adnan, Z. 2013. 'Deradicalization and Counter-Deradicalization in Indonesia', paper presented at a Criminology International Conference held in Atlanta USA from 21-24 November 2013.

Adnan, Z. 2012. 'The Unmaking of Indonesian Terrorists'. Paper presented at the Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference, Sydney, 9-12 July 2012.

Adnan, Z. 2010. 'Why are Indonesian Terrorist Groups so Resilient?' As invited main speaker  (all cost paid for) at the AFP international colloquium on countering terrorism financing in South-East Asia. Canberra 20-21 May 2010.

Adnan, Zifirdaus. 2009. "Discourse Practices of Indonesian academics in Selected Hard Sciences and Humanities Disciplines Research Articles: A Comparative Study", presented at ALAA/ALANZ Conference in Auckland, New Zealand 2-December 2009.

Adnan, Zifirdaus. 2008. "Defending God while Denouncing Terrorism, An analysis of Language Use on Terrorism in Indonesia", presented at the 2008 ALAA Conference at Sydney University.

Adnan, Zifirdaus. 2007. "Patterns of Discourse Practices by Indonesian Researchers in their Research Article Introductions (RAIs)", paper presented at Discourse and Professional Practices, held at University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) 29 November-1 December.

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Adnan, Zifirdaus. 2004. "Interactions in Indonesian Research Articles", paper presented as the Fifth, Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) Conference in Adelaide, July.

Current Research Project: (with Prof. Bambang Kaswanti Purwo, Dr. Kathryn Sukamto [Atma Jaya University, Jakarta], Prof. Safnil Arsyad [Bengkulu University]): ‘Boosting the publication of Indonesian research articles in international journals using a genre-b ased approach and mentoring program.’

Clinical Skills and Experience


  • Member of Asian Studies Association of Australia
  • Member of Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA)
  • Member of Masyarakat Linguistik Indonesian (MLI) (Linguistic Society of Indonesia)

Consultancy Interests

Indonesian language and culture, applied linguistics and language education, radicalism and terrorism