Dr Debbie Bower

Lecturer in Ecosystem Rehabilitation - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Debbie Bower

Phone: +61 2424

Email: deborah.bower@une.edu.au

Twitter: @deborah_bower


Debbie Bower (B.Sc., Ph.D) is a Conservation Biologist and head of the Laboratory of Applied Zoology and Ecosystem Restoration (LAZER) in School of Environmental and Rural Science and UNE. Her research focuses on the management of invasive species and applied ecology of threatened taxa. This work incorporates experimental techniques to explore disturbances such as wetland weeds, salinisation and emerging infectious diseases. LAZER undertakes research in diverse aquatic systems including the wetlands of the Murray Darling Basin, savannas of north Queensland and, most recently, the rainforest streams of Papua New Guinea.


B.Sc.(Hons I), PhD in Applied Ecology


Superstars of STEM - Science and Technology Australia

Suzy Nethercott-Watson Scholarship - Peter Cullen Trust

Teaching Areas

Conservation biology, Ecosystem Rehabilitation, Australian vertebrate Fauna, Herpetology, Wildlife Management, Behavioural Ecology.

Units currently teaching:

EM351, EM551 Ecosystem Rehabilitation (Coordinator)

ECOL202, ECOL402, ECOL502 Aquatic Ecology (Coordinator)

RSNR302, RSNR402, RSNR502 Integrated Water Resource Management (Coordinator)

EM312, ECOL100, ECOL203, RSNR110 (Lecturer)

Primary Research Area/s

Ecology; Conservation Biology; Aquatic ; Conservation; Disease; Invasive species

Research Interests

Current grants:


Dr John Hunter, Dr Deborah Bower & Dr Manu Saunders, Dynamic Lagoons: building knowledge and public support to secure threatened Upland Wetlands, NSW Environmental Trust, Saving our Species Program

A/Prof Darren Ryder, Dr Sarah Mika, Dr Wing Tsoi, Dr Ivor Growns A/Prof Paul McDonald, Dr Steve Debus (ADJL), Mr Ben Vincent, Dr Deborah Bower, Dr Adrienne Burns, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research
Services for Gwydir River Selected Area and the Junction of the Warrego and Darling Rivers Selected Area, Australian Government Environmental Water Office

Dr Deborah Bower, Dr Sarah Mika, Dr Manu Saunders, Little Llangothlin monitoring, Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee

Research Supervision Experience


Donald McKnight – PhD Candidate – Life finds a way: The recovery of frog populations from a chytridiomycosis outbreak

Kyia Eveleigh – PhD Candidate – Effects of climate change on the ecophysiology of water skinks

Louise Streeting – MSc Candidate – Conservation strategies for the threatened Bell's Turtle

Melissa Hampton Smith – MSc Candidate – Cessation of Blast Fishing in Tanzania: An Analysis of Deterrence Measures and Outcomes

Kimberley Miller – MSc Candidate – The effectiveness of education in changing perceptions towards wildlife conservation

Annette Deppe – MSc Candidate – The effect of environmental water on the ecology of freshwater turtles

Abdur Razzaque Sarker – MSc Candidate – Acoustic analyses for long-term monitoring of remote frog populations


Sasha Greenspan – PhD completion - Thermal thresholds in the amphibian disease chytridiomycosis.


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Editor for Austral Ecology

Editor for the Australian Society of Herpetologists

Consultancy Interests

Reptile and amphibian ecology

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Weekly column 'Nature Matters' for Fairfax Media

Member of the New England and North-West Science Hub

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Deputy Higher Degree of Researcher Coordinator