Dr Eveline Chan

Senior Lecturer, English, Literacies and Languages Education - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Education

Eveline Chan

Phone: +61 2 6773 3818

Email: eveline_chan@une.edu.au


Eveline Chan is a member of the English, Literacies and Languages Education (ELLE) team. Within this group, she specializes in English and literacy and is a member of the Languages and Literacies Research Network.

Other roles:
Course Co-ordinator for:
Master of Teaching (Primary)
Bachelor of Special and Inclusive Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Special Education (Primary)/Bachelor of Disability Studies
Bachelor of Training and Development
Master of Training and Development
Bachelor of Teaching combined degrees (Arts, Business, IT, Music, Maths, Science, General Studies)

Review Board Member, English Teaching: Practice & Critique

Adjunct Professor of Education, University of Fiji

Peer reviewer for Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, English in AustraliaInteractive Learning Environments, International Journal of Science and Mathematics EducationJournal of English for Academic PurposesLanguage and Education.


PhD (Syd), GradDipTeach TESL (SACAE/UniSA), BEd Hons 1 (Syd)

Teaching Areas

Unit Coordinator and lecturer:

EDEE100 English Language in Use

EDEE 312 English Teaching: Focus on Writing and Creating

EDEE 528 Researching Literacies in Education

Research Interests

  • Language & literacy development (L1, L2/EAL)
  • Literacy pedagogy and assessment
  • Classroom interaction and discourse analysis
  • Disciplinary literacies
  • Multimodal representations of curriculum knowledge
  • Image-language interaction in multimodal texts
  • Reading in hypertext/online environments
  • Social semiotics and systemic-functional linguistics in education

Research Supervision Experience

Lindsay Williams (PhD) (conferred August 2019) Nurturing affiliation: The multimodal, interpersonal work of stand-up comedians (Supervisors: Dr Eveline Chan, Dr Devo Devrim)

Lindall Watson (PhD) (conferred February 2019) Viewer engagement in children's animated television shows: A systematic functional perspective (Supervisors: Prof. Len Unsworth; Dr Eveline Chan)

Annemaree O'Brien (PhD) (conferred October 2018) Teaching primary students to design viewer perspective and interactive meaning in their animation stories (Supervisors: Prof. Len Unsworth; Dr Eveline Chan)

Hajar Alharthi (PhD) (conferred April 2017) Examining a genre-based approach to the teaching of English writing: A case study in Saudi high schools (Supervisors: A/Prof. Mary Macken-Horarik; Dr Eveline Chan)

Ani Rakhmawati (PhD) (conferred October 2014) Rhetorical transfer: A study of research articles written by Indonesian and English academics in their first and second languages (Supervisors: Dr Liz Ellis, Dr Eveline Chan, A/Prof. Nick Reid, Dr Yazid Basthomi)

Thu Thi Bich Ngo (PhD) (conferred October 2014) A comparison of linguistic resources for evaluation in English and Vietnamese conversations: An exploratory study (Supervisors: Prof. Len Unsworth; Dr Eveline Chan, Dr Susan Feez)

Ann Daly (PhD) (conferred March 2012) Multimodal literacy assessment: Reading strategies and spoken language (Supervisors: Prof. Len Unsworth; Dr Eveline Chan, Dr Susan Feez)



Kalantzis, M., Cope, W., Chan, E., & Dalley-Trim, L. (2016). Literacies (2nd ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Book chapters

Chan, E. (2018). Composing informative multimodal texts in an integrated unit. In L. Tan & K. Zammit (Eds.), Teaching writing and representing in the primary school years (2nd ed.) (pp. 84-110). Melbourne: Pearson.

Chan, E., & Zhang, Z. (2017). Teaching reading through multimodal texts. In H. P. Widodo, A. Wood, & D. Gupta (Eds.), Asian English language classrooms: Where theory and practice meet (pp. 49-70). Abingdon, UK: Routledge (Taylor & Francis).

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Chan, E. (2011).  Integrating visual and verbal meaning in multimodal text comprehension: Towards a model of inter-modal relations.  In S. Dreyfus, M. Stenglin, & S. Hood (Eds.), Semiotic margins: Meaning in multimodalities (pp.144-167).  London: Continuum.

Journal articles

Zhang, Z., & Chan, E. (2017). Editorial: Current research and practice in teaching disciplinary literacies. ESP Today, 5(2), 132-147. doi:10.18485/esptoday.2017.5.2.1

Van Rooy, W., & Chan, E. (2017). Multimodal representations in senior biology assessments: A case study of NSW Australia. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 15(7), 1237-1256. doi:doi:10.1007/s10763-016-9741-y

de Silva Joyce, H., Feez, S., Chan, E., & Tobias, S. (2014). Investigating the literacy, numeracy and ICT demands of primary teacher education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 39(9), 111-129. doi: 10.14221/ajte.2014v39n9.9

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Unsworth, L., & Chan, E. (2008).  Assessing integrative reading of images and text in group reading comprehension tests. Curriculum Perspectives, 28(3), 71-76.

Conference proceedings

Chan, E. (2015, January). Analysing students’ reading of online multimodal texts. Paper presented at the MODE Conference Multimodality: Methodological Explorations Institute of Education, University of London, 15-16 Jan 2015 http://www.ioe.ac.uk/103160.html

Van Rooy, W., & Chan, E. (2009).  Transforming knowledge and learning through technologies and modalities: New forms of assessment [VAN081043].  In The Australian Association for Research in Education Conference 2008 Papers Collection (Proceedings) [Online].

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Conference presentations – invited papers

Chan, E. (2012, April). Multimodal literacies in group tests and subject area assessments.   Keynote for the 47th SEAMEO Regional English Language Centre (RELC) International Seminar. Multiliteracies: Theory, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment.  Singapore,16th-18th April 2012. [Invited plenary]

Chan, E. (2012, April). Image and language in test materials.  Workshop for the 47th SEAMEO Regional English Language Centre (RELC) International Seminar. Multiliteracies: Theory, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment.  Singapore, 16th-18th April 2012. [Invited workshop]

Chan, E. (2012, April). Multiliteracies and assessment: Multimodality in group tests and subject area assessments.  Keynote for the Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) Post-RELC Seminar Multiliteracies in Language Education. Twin Towers Hotel, Bangkok,19-20 April 2012. [Invited keynote]

Chan, E. (2011, September). Evolving disciplinary knowledge and curriculum literacies: Translating new knowledge into 'languages' of the biology classroom. Paper presented at the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association National Conference. Language, Knowledge & Justice: New Contexts, New Questions. University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 21-23 September 2011. [Invited Keynote]

Other key presentations – international conferences

Van Rooy, W. and Chan, E. (2014, March). Multimodal representations in Senior Biology assessments: Twelve years of public examinations in NSW Australia.  Paper presented at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) 2014 Annual International Conference, Awakening dialogues - Advancing Science Education Research Practices and Policies.  March 30 - April 2, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA USA.

Chan, E. (2010, December). Transformations and transductions across modes of representation and communication in the new life sciences. Paper presented at the Fifth International Conference on Multimodality (5ICOM), University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), 1-3 December 2010.

Chan, E. (2009, April). Image-language interaction in online reading environments: Challenges for students' reading comprehension. Paper presented at the 44thRELC International Seminar The Impact of Technology on Language Learning and Teaching: What, How and Why. Singapore, 20 – 22 April 2009.

Van Bergen, P., Chan, E., Freebody, P., Hedberg, J., Nichols, K., Van Rooy, W., & Barton, G. (2008, June).  Digital and multimodal representations of 'New Life Science' concepts in Australian science classrooms'. Paper presented at the International Conference on Multimodality and Learning: New Perspectives on Knowledge, Representation and Communication.Institute of Education, University of London, 19-20 June 2008.

Chan, E. (2006, July).  Dialogue and evolving meaning potential: Mapping patterns of semogenesis in classroom discourse. Paper presented at the 18th Euro-International Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop, Systemic-functional linguistics at the frontier: Thresholds and potentialities of SFL as descriptive theory. University of Trieste, Gorizia, Italy, 19-22 July 2006.

Clinical Skills and Experience


PETAA - Primary English Teaching Association Australia
- Australian Literacy Educators' Association
- Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association

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