Dr Syed Fazal-e-Hasan

Senior Lecturer - UNE Business School

Syed Fazal-e-Hasan

Phone: +61 +61 2 67734255

Email: sfazaleh@une.edu.au


Before joining the University of New England, Syed has previously worked as Lecturer and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Marketing at Tasmanian School of Business and Economics and the Business School, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Before this, he worked as Quantitative Analyst for School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, QUT.

Syed has completed some research and entrepreneurial projects using advance statistical and project management techniques, and he has contributed to 14 small to medium size projects including Devonport Digitalisation, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor projects.  Seven of these projects are related to consumer choices and responses and are published in the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Services Marketing, and Journal of Retail and Consumer Services.

Syed has over ten years undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience in Australia and overseas, including three years teaching and mentoring experience with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students under the Oodgeroo program funded by QUT. He also has had some administrative positions in public universities in South Asia and Australia to design and implement educational programs and projects. He has won some teaching and learning grants and has sound experience in managing teaching and learning projects.

Teaching Areas

Syed's has expertise in the following areas:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing research
  • e-Marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • International marketing

Teaching responsibility

  • Marketing, Marketing Research and Digital Marketing

Research Interests

Syed's research aligns with the University's research theme of Better Health. His research interests include understanding how consumers' positive emotions contribute to their and others well-being. Syed's research into positive emotions such as gratitude and hope has got the focus of some service firms due to the important roles emotions can play in generating profits and employee productivity.  Syed is also researching the role of positive emotions in developing consumer perceptions of brand innovativeness and sustainability and attainment of consumers' personal, professional and social goals.   He is also working on understanding whether different psychological mechanisms can explain the relationships between firms' economic and non-economic investments and positive organisation and consumer-related outcomes in different contexts such as B2C, B2B and C2C.  Syed's other work is focusing on the role of positive emotional and behavioural responses in group settings, particularly online group settings.  Drawing upon social marketing theories, Syed is working on anti-drinking and anti-radicalisation themes.


Creativity, Culture and Society Steering Committee, the University of Tasmania with matching grant of the University of Western Sydney, Cancer Research Grant ($28000), 2018

‘Investigating interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the role of gratitude in making a positive contribution to the wellbeing, resilience and quality of life of cancer patients and their carers.'

Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, research grant ($5,800) 2017

Examining the impact of perceived harm and guilt on the reduction of food waste- mediating role of hope

Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, research grant ($4,500) 2016

The role of hope in firms’ green innovation and initiatives

Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, research grant ($3,700) 2016

The role of hope and brand love in developing repurchase intentions.

QUT School of Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations, research, and development grant ($6,500) 2015

The role of hope in developing positive deviance intentions

QUT School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, teaching and learning grant ($6,500) 2015

CRC: Seafood Consumption ($55,000) 2014

What do scholarships do for their providers? The role student gratitude.

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy ($1,500) 2015

Government College University, Pakistan, private sector grant for the establishment of a building for Management Sciences department ($250,000) 2004

Research Supervision Experience

Syed is interested in supervising projects pertaining consumers' perceptions of brand innovation and sustainability, the non-linear study of consumer emotions and BIG Data in managing CRM systems. Syed is also interested in looking into the roles that positive emotions can play in developing customer loyalty to firms and marketing of CSR practices.



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Ahmad, S., Fazal-e-Hasan, S. M. & Kaleem, A.,  (2018). How Ethical Leadership Stimulates Academics' Retention in Universities: The Mediating Role of Job-related Affective Well-being. International Journal of Educational Management, (Accepted).

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Conference papers/presentations

Fazal e Hasan, S., Lings, I. & Mortimer, G. & Neale, L., (2017). A better understanding of customer-firm relationships through gratitude. American Marketing Association Summer Conference 2017, San Francisco, US.

Sekhon, H., Kharouf, H., Appleyard, L. & Fazal e Hasan, S., (2017). The moderating role of advertising in creating financial services relationship. Frontiers in Service Conference 2017, Newyork, US

Russel-Bennette, R., Kuhn, K. Fazal-e-Hasan, S. & Tuzovic, S., (2016). Investigating the impact of learning styles on student behaviours towards creating reflective videos: An analysis of QUTOPIA TV Marketing EducationAssociation (MEA) Conference 2016, Denver, Co, USA.

Fazal e Hasan, S., Lings, I. & Drennan, J & Kim, J. H., (2015). The effect of positive employee deviance behavioural intentions on personal and organisational attainment. The mediating role of employee hope. Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2015, Sydney, Australia.

Kim, J. H, Beatson, A., Johnston, K. & Fazal e Hasan, S., Lings, I. & Drennan, J and Kim, J. H.., (2015). The role of employee gratitude in explaining the relationship between perceived organisational support and customer orientation. Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2015, Sydney, Australia.

Mortimer, Gary, Bougoure, Ursula-Sigrid, & Fazal e Hasan, Syed (2014) Developing and validation of the Self-Gifting Consumer Behaviour Scale. In 21st International Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Services Science, 7-10 July 2014, Bucharest, Romania. (Unpublished)

Fazal e Hasan, S. (2012). Cross-cultural data collection from field-settings- hazards and precautions. QUT Library, QUT, Australia.

Fazal e Hasan, S. (2011). Are grateful customers more loyal to their benefactor firms? Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Research Colloquium, 2011, Perth, Australia.

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Fazal e Hasan, S., Lings, I. & Neale, L., (2011). The role of customer gratitude in making relationship marketing Investments a success. Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2011, Perth, Australia .


Professional practice

Dr Hasan has been acknowledged as a:

  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
  • Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM)
  • Member of American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • AMAMI Certified Practising Marketer (2015 – to present)
  • Institute of Marketing Australia (2015 – to present)
  • Fellow Higher Education Academy, QUT, Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Australian National University (ANU) Collaboration (2015 – to present)
  • Mindhive (www.mindhive.org), Member and Academic specialist (2015 – present)

Committee associations

  • Member, Graduate Research Committee, Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (2017)
  • Member, Teaching & Learning Committee, School of Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations, Queensland University of Technology (2015 to 2017)
  • Active reviewer of manuscripts for Journal of Service Marketing, Journal of Service Management and Tourism Management (2013 to present)
  • Mentoring postgraduate and master students for their quantitative analysis and method section of thesis, School of Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations, Queensland University of Technology (2013 to 2016)

Further Information


  • Higher Education Academy Fellowship ($1,500) 2015
  • QUT Write-Up Award, postdoctoral award for writing papers ($5,400) 2013
  • QUT APA Award 1, three year doctorate research project ($84,000) 2013
  • QUT APA Award 2, one year extended research project ($24,000) 2009
  • QUT Residency Award, residency scholarship ($54,000) 2009
  • COMSATS University Postgraduate Research Award ($ 5,000) 2009