Dr Amy Cosby

Post Doctoral Research Fellow - Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (AgLaw)

Amy Cosby

Phone: +61 6773 2196

Email: acosby2@une.edu.au


Dr Amy Cosby is an early career researcher with a research background in the disciplines of agriculture and law. Amy has a Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws and a PhD in Precision Agriculture from the University of New England. She has been part of the AgLaw Centre for the past three years and during this time has had research input into a number of research programs over a range of topics including invasive species, food security managing conflict over natural resources and numerous agricultural policy issues. She teaches into several units in the Master of Natural Resource Governance and the elective unit Animal Law


B.Ag/LLB (Hons0 (UNE)


Teaching Areas

LAW345/545: Animal Law

LLM528: Governance of Natural Resources

LLM529: Sustainability Strategies

LLM530: Natural Resources, Relationships and Agreements

Research Interests

  • Natural resource and agricultural governance
  • Animal law
  • Land use conflict
  • Food security and social licence to farm


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  • Martin, P.V., and Cosby, A.M.  (2016). ‘Integrated Spatial Planning: Australia’, commissioned by the IUCN Environmental Law Centre, Bonn, Germany for the IUCN.