An Integrated Approach for Systemic Change and Sustained Development of the Papua New Guinea Sweetpotato Value Chain

This project is a follow-up of the recently completed ACIAR project (ASEM/2006/035 Improving marketing efficiency, postharvest management and value addition of sweetpotato in Papua New Guinea), which showed high costs and postharvest losses in long distance sweetpottao marketing in PNG due to inadequate marketing infrastructure, poor postharvest management practices, and poor supply chain coordination.

This new project will focus on identifying and addressing social and cultural constraints to improving the sweetpotato supply chain in PNG. In particular, it will develop economically feasible and locally appropriate technology, communicate the benefits of the new technology to target groups, and build their capacities for change, all through culturally and socially appropriate education and extension programs. Equally important, this project will identify market opportunities for smallholder farmers and address institutional constraints that limit the smallholder's ability to access the market.

An integrated approach means that we will incorporate people elements into resolving seemingly technical issues of reducing costs of marketing and product losses, as well as a systems approach which takes into account market demand, value chains, and the long-term competitive position of sweetpotato in identifying strategic issues and developing intervention strategies.

Due for completion in 2016

Funded by: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Contact: Christie Chang