Improving methods for estimating livestock production and productivity

This project seeks methods of improving the quality of livestock data. It supports the Global Strategy on Agricultural and Rural Statistics, and focuses on production-level livestock: specifically the measurement of production and productivity at household level.

The project seeks opportunities to improve livestock data collection methods across a range of species. It also addresses the definition of target variables, methods of collection, procedures for benchmarking, and institutional organisation surrounding livestock data collection.

The fieldwork for the project features several stages:

  • Consultation – identifying species and variables for which measurement of production and productivity are most important, and identifying mechanisms by which field tests can be carried out (Feb 2015)
  • Gap analysis – identifying gaps between an "ideal system" and the current reality, and proposing changes that can be tested. This includes a review of existing questionnaires and other collection mechanisms (Feb-March 2015).
  • Communications – formulating new variables and measures, and designing new collection methods which can be tested in selected locations (Feb-April 2015).
  • Testing – field-testing of new collection methods, which can occur alongside existing collection procedures or independently (April-August 2015).
  • Review and validation – examination and discussion of results, and their application in future data collection (through to early 2016).

The field work for the project offers an opportunity to test and improve existing or new activities in livestock data collection, and to improve mechanisms for benchmarking performance.

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Due for completion in 2016

Funded by: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Partners: UNE Business School


Derek Baker (Team Leader)

Phil Morley (Project Manager)

Hussain Al-Moadhen (Project Assistant)

Rebecca Downey (Project Assistant)

Eva Yusuf (Country Manager - Indonesia)

Ellan Dirgantara (Project Assistant - Indonesia)

Nsiima Longin (Country Manager - Tanzania)

Leonard Boitumelo Baleseng (Country Manager - Botswana)

Alec Makgekgenene (Project Assistant - Botswana)