Student Contributions Amounts by Unit

This faculty is designed to retrieve information about the Student Contribution amount (in dollars) and the number of credit points for each unit for students in Commonwealth Supported Places.

This information applies to students in Commonwealth Supported Places and should be read in conjunction with information on the Student Fees page.

It is assumed that you have chosen a list of units that you are considering for enrolment when choosing units. Information about available units and course plans is available in the Course and Unit Catalogue.

Credit points: This is the value of the unit credit towards your degree. For details of your degree requirements see the Course and Unit Catalogue. At UNE 48 credit points is equal to one EFTSL .

Band: There are multiple bands of Student Contribution amounts.

Pre-2010 Student or From-2010 Student: Information about whether you are a New from 2010 or a Pre-2010 is available from Student Success. The Student Contribution charge can be deferred for many students, however you can check your eligibility to defer via Study Assist.

Note: Bands 1-3 are defined by the Federal Government. Band 4 is a National Priority (Education/Nursing). Band 5 is currently the same as Band 3. Band 6 and 7 are currently the same as Band 2.