Admission Process for Accommodation at UNE Colleges

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to clarify the admission policy for residents within UNE Colleges.

Relevant to: All persons seeking admission into UNE Colleges.

Admission Categories

  1. Casual Visitors with no UNE connection
  2. Returning residents who are UNE enrolled domestic or international students
  3. Commencing UNE enrolled domestic or international students
  4. Non-UNE students e.g TAFE Students
  5. Short term stays by UNE enrolled students
  6. Visitors to UNE from other universities who may be engaging in research, study or work commitments at UNE
  7. UNE Staff Members.

Admission Priority and Preference

UNE enrolled students applying for an academic year stay will be given priority and preference for places at all UNE Colleges.
Readmission for Returning UNE enrolled students is not automatic and is subject to  meeting the criteria outlined below:

  1. Financial responsibility in meeting commitments as set down in the Fees Schedule;
  2. Positive contribution to, and participation in, the life of the College;
  3. Personal conduct as outlined by the College Rules and Residential System Code of Conduct.

Applications by admission categories 4) – 7) will be considered if there are vacancies after UNE enrolled students have been processed. Priority will be given to the longer term stays in all categories.

Readmission for non-UNE students is also not automatic and is subject to availability after UNE enrolled students are given priority.

All Residences reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse applications and is under no obligation to disclose its reasons.

Process for applying for Admission to Residence for long term stays (One Trimester to Full Year)

  1. All applications for residence are made online.
  2. Returning Residents must apply before the closing date specified in the table of Residential Principal Dates to be considered prior to the Admission process for Commencing Residents. Applications made before this closing date will not be required to pay the application fee.
  3. A Returning Residents application will be invalid when there are outstanding fees on the account. The Returning resident will be required to reapply and pay the application fee when the outstanding debt has been paid.
  4. Returning Residents who do not meet the application criteria and are required to Show Cause will only be considered for readmission if there are still vacancies after Commencing Residence applications have been finalised.
  5. A Commencing Resident is required to pay a non-refundable application fee.
  6. A Commencing Resident application will be considered after they have been offered a place at UNE/enrolled at UNE.
  7. The Agreements which are applicable to long term stays are: Academic Year including vacations; Academic Year excluding vacations and an Academic Trimester.

Process for applying for Admission to College for casual stays (less than 28 days)

  1. All applications for College are made online.
  2. Wright College and Wright Village does not offer accommodation for casual stays. Not all residences are necessarily open or available at all times for intensive schools.
  3. Residents who have signed the agreement for a long term stay are given priority for rooms during their academic periods.
  4. Application for accommodation will not be processed when there are outstanding fees on the account.
  5. Allocations to a College are made by date of receipt. A waiting list is not kept for a particular residence or room type. If a vacancy happened to occur it will be allocated to the next application.
  6. Prior to sending out an offer, the college preferences are checked to see if the applicant can be accommodated. All efforts are made to accommodate students in their preferred college but it is always subject to availability.
  7. Offers of accommodation are confirmed indicating the College and room type with the issuing of a tax invoice.
  8. Payments are required within a set period and this is indicated on the tax invoice. Non-payment within the specified time will result in the booking being cancelled.
  9. Room allocations may be changed without notice and cannot be confirmed until day of arrival.