Contracts System

UNE's contract management software system is used to help manage all phases of the contract lifecycle, from sourcing to closure. The system can manage all kinds of agreements, from high-value competitive tenders, to research grants and MoUs. The system features custom-built workflow process to manage all stages of contract sourcing, execution and management. These workflows will make sure that your responsibilities in managing a contract are clear from the very start.


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Resources and User Guides

Test Site

If you would like to explore the system, you may do so in the test site. Please contact us for access.

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System Benefits

The system has many helpful features to make contract management easy:

  • Workflow processes will guide you through all of the necessary steps and approvals you need to execute and manage your contract
  • It will ensure that everyone who needs to see and approve a contract can do so with ease
  • It allows you to keep all of the information related to a contract in one place
  • Optimises your ability to manage contract performance, by configuring and monitoring your own KPIs and milestones
  • Provides email and in-system alerts to key dates and tasks related to the contract
  • Has an excellent reporting module, so you can export contract data into Excel or PDF documents
  • Allows the Legal Office to process and execute your contracts efficiently
  • Will reduce your paper-based workload
  • Is linked to our records management system to make sure that all necessary contract documentation is kept according to UNE's Records Management Rule and Procedures
  • Makes sure that information isn't lost if contracts change hands or people go on leave


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