Animal House Complex


UNE is uniquely placed to undertake animal research and teaching. The off-campus UNE rural Properties have excellent facilities for grazing sheep and cattle, feedlot cattle, and intensive and free range poultry. The on-campus facilities comprise a unique complex of buildings that make up CART (Centre for Animal Research and Teaching). These excellent facilities are heavily used for animal-centred teaching and research purposes. Many of the facilities are new or recently upgraded and are summarised below.

Large Animal Facility (W070)

This facility was constructed in 2012 and can house up to 40 cattle in individual pens, with up to another 40 held in group pens outside. There are 10 large respiration chambers to measure gas exchange, including methane production. The facility includes two research laboratories. All animals can be handled within the shed as there are raceways, a large cattle crush and weighing bars. A large feed storage area and a large loading ramp are all so included in the facility. This facility has also access via a lane way to 4 paddocks that can hold up to 10 animals and then also gives access to the Trevenna paddocks and rest of the UNE Rural Properties.

Offices and imaging facility (W071)

This new building commissioned in 2014 contains the CART Manager’s office along with two other staff offices and a large 4 desk shared office space available for researchers. The building also has an entry and tea room facilities for staff. W071 houses the school’s visualisation laboratory which has a new scanning electronic microscope, a bench top SEM, a 3D camera and computer, XRF spectrometer, XRD, a Critical Point Dryer, Carbon and Sputter coater, a Blood gas analyser and facilities to prepare the samples. Also part of the complex is a CT scanner and sheep holding yards for animals to be scanned and a cold room for meat samples.

Feed Mill (W072)

This new facility commissioned in 2015 houses a large feed mill that can mix and pellet special diets up to 500KG and at a rate of 3 tons/hr with or without steam pelleting. There is also a 500kg mixer, a 300kg mixer, a small mill that can pellet a 100Kg /hour, a large hammer mill. The facility has a preparation room and two 8 ton external silos with internal delivery for bulk grain storage and handling. Within the mill room there is pallet raking that will hold up to 20 pallets. Delivery of goods is via road that runs between W070 and W002; goods can be unloaded with a forklift that can access all areas of the CART precinct.

Student breakout area, toilets and change rooms (W073)

This is a comfortable new area that students can access to have meals or to have a break and relax during intensive sampling programs. There are male and female toilets and change rooms and showers along with a toilet and shower for anyone with a disability. There is a laundry with a washing machine and dryer.

Sheep holding facility (W012)

This large slatted floor facility can hold up to 250 sheep for research and teaching in individual pens along with 8 large group pens. A large feed store and preparation area complete the inside of this facility. Outside there is a loading ramp and set of yards for sorting and holding animals, these yards will join up to W074 (multifunction animal facility) when it is completed in the future. Animals can be moved via a race from W012 to W02B .

Small animal holding and poultry rooms (W002A)

This building is an older style building with some modification to ventilation systems in parts of it, to accommodate intensive chicken experiments. There are 9 rooms with heating and ventilation of different sizes that are used for mainly floor pens for broiler studies. This building houses 24 highly sophisticated poultry calorimeters for net energy studies.

Teaching, Post-mortem and Surgical area (W002B)

This state of the art facility commissioned in 2015 has a 60 student teaching laboratory, Preparation room, a 6 table post-mortem area, a fully functioning surgery which allows recovery surgery to be performed and a 12 pens recovery area and walk in freezer and cold room.

Climate controlled rooms W002C

There are 8 climate controlled rooms (8 temperature and 4 with humidity control with a range 10-50c) allowing experimental control over trials being carried out. Some of rooms are allocated for use as rodent housing (rats and mice).

Poultry Facilities

There are a number of facilities suitable for large scale poultry studies. At Kirby Research Station there are 3 poultry sheds. Two of these are old sheds with no temperature control these are suitable for layer floor pen work. The main shed has temperature, humidity and light control and is suitable for large-scale broiler studies or replicated pen studies using the 50 or so small pens that the facility can accommodate.

Laureldale Research Station has a commercial scale layer shed with the capacity to hold several thousand layer birds in commercial cages. On this site there other sheds that have been adapted for barn and/or free range systems for layers.

Smaller scale layer facilities are also located close the CART complex but are isolated from the complex to allow animal health studies to be conducted.

Associated Resources

Isolator Facility

This facility which contains 24 positive pressure isolators, is built to microbiological PC2 level (Physical Containment Level 2) enabling vaccination and infectious disease studies to be carried out. The facility is also accredited as PC2 by OGTR (Office of the Gene Technology Regulator) enabling testing of genetically modified organisms/vaccines if required.

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Manager Centre for Animal Research and Teaching
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CART Staff

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Technical Officer
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Technical Officer
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Laboratory Assistant
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