Student Responsibilities

As a student you are responsible for:

  • Knowing where your exam is
  • Being on time for your exam
  • Producing photo ID (your student card, driver's licence or passport) at the examination
  • Checking your UNE email account regularly and accessing your exam information online when it becomes available
  • Nominating an examination centre when enrolling
  • Advising Student Central immediately should you require a change to your nominated examination centre. This needs to be in writing via AskUNE
  • Contacting Student Central (02 6773 4444 or AskUNE) if you believe you have examinations and have not received advice of this within four weeks of the start of the examination period.

MOBILE PHONES, iPods and other electronic devices are not permitted in an examination room. Failure to comply with this rule may be regarded as Student Misconduct, for which penalties can apply.

Examination Dates

Dates for Examination periods can be accessed via the Principal Dates page. Examination timetables are generally available online at least 8 weeks prior to each examination period.  When the examination timetable is completed, an email will be sent to your UNE email address advising you to access your personalised examination information online in MyUNE.  Hard copy advice of exam arrangements is no longer sent.  It is essential that you check your UNE email account regularly.

If you believe that you have examinations, and have not received advice of these arrangements 4 weeks prior to the start of the examination period, it is your responsibility to contact Student Central as soon as possible.

Examination Rules and Proper Conduct

For essential information about examination rules and proper conduct, please read the Examination Information and Examination Room Instructions documents.

Off-campus (external) Student Examinations

Examinations for off campus units are held at the exam centre you nominate on enrolling. Students within Australia are required to travel up to 120 kms to an established Australian examination centre.

Contact the Examinations Unit in Student Central via AskUNE as soon as you are aware of any requirement to change your nominated exam centre as fees apply for late changes (within three weeks of the start of the examination period). Changes requested within seven days of the start of the exam period (not necessarily your exam date) may not be accepted.

On-campus Student Examinations

If you are enrolled in any ON campus units, you MUST sit the examinations for those units at the UNE campus in Armidale.

Students on prac may apply to the Examinations Unit in the Student Centre to sit these examinations at an external venue. Contact us via AskUNE as soon as you are aware of this requirement as fees do apply to late changes (within three weeks of the start of the examination period)

Overseas Costs

Students outside Australia are required to travel up to 300 kms to an overseas examination centre and are also liable for a cost of A$200 per examination held. This cost covers courier, administration, venue and supervision fees. These charges will apply from the date of dispatch of examination materials to your nominated exam centre. The charge will apply irrespective of whether you attend the examination or not. If you do not plan to attend exams arranged overseas, or need to change your exam centre, you should contact the Examinations Unit in Student Central as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary fees.

Schedule of Fees
Academic Transcripts

$20 first copy (normal post included)
$5 per additional copy in same order
$10 additional for express post (within Australia)$50 additional for express post (international)
Request for an academic transcript

Challenge Exams   (on approval of application to the relevant School to recognise prior learning) $495 at any established UNE exam venue Fee must be paid at least 6 weeks prior to the examination period
Late exam venue change (where the request is received later than 3 weeks prior to the first day of the exam period) $50 Contact Exams Office via Student Central to request a change of exam venue. Payment must be cleared prior to the release of results.
Overseas exam venue $200 per exam Contact Exams Office via Student Central to request an overseas exam venue. Payment must be cleared prior to the release of results.
Special Exams/Special Consideration

All students must sit their examinations as scheduled in the examination timetable.  It is not possible to change your exam dates or times for personal reasons.

If you are unable to attend an examination because of illness or other unforeseen circumstances, such as a change in work requirements, you may be eligible for a Special Examination. If approved, this means your exam would then be held during the following Trimesters examination period.

If you attended your examination, but your performance was affected by illness or other unforseen circumstances, you may be eligible for Special Consideration (up to an additional 3% applied when marking).

To apply for a Special Examination or Special Consideration you must:

  1. Complete the relevant forms.
  2. Attach supporting documentary evidence.
  3. Submit these through to Student Central via AskUNE according to the deadlines.
  4. Inform your examination supervisor that you will not be attending (in the case of a special examination).
Use of Dictionaries in Examinations

If your first language is not English you are generally permitted the use of a translation dictionary during your examinations. Translation dictionaries are specialised dictionaries used to translate words from one language to another (eg English to Chinese).  No other types of dictionaries are permitted.

  • Monolingual dictionaries (eg Oxford English, Macquarie English etc) are not permitted
  • Subject specific dictionaries (eg Dictionary of Economics) are not permitted

Some language examinations may prohibit the use of a translation dictionary.  If you are enrolled in language units and wish to take a translation dictionary into the exam, please check with your unit coordinator whether these will be permitted.

Dictionaries should be free of all notes/annotations.  Any dictionary found to have notes will be used as evidence of Academic Misconduct (Cheating) for which penalties apply.  If you borrow a dictionary, it is your responsibility to ensure that there are no notes written in the dictionary, as you will be held responsible for any notes found.

If you are sitting your exam at an external venue, you will need to present your dictionary to the examination supervisor for checking prior to the examination.

If you are sitting your exam on campus, please submit your dictionary to the Supervising Staff at the examination room 30 minutes PRIOR to the start of the examination.

Any student found to be using a dictionary without permission will be deemed to be cheating.