Robb College provides a vibrant, supportive home-away-from-home for 214 residents. Our students come from both city and country locations all over Australia and the world. They study across all faculties and disciplines of the University and enjoy the benefits of living in a close, friendly and fun community.

With expansive views of the UNE campus and playing fields, Robb covers five acres of impressive gardens and expansive lawns. We have a proud heritage spanning over 50 years and a strong College spirit. The rural community traits of strength of character, fortitude and integrity are highly prized at Robb and many opportunities exist to demonstrate these characteristics through your leadership and contribution to college life. Our college offers many opportunities to participate through sporting, social or community service activities.Robb College Students

Our mission at Robb is to foster the intellectual, social and personal growth of our residents and to encourage community spirit and scholarship through active participation, the expression of ideas and the upholding of traditions that represent the history and enhance the integrity of the College.

At Robb College our motto is "Fellowship in Learning". We actively promote Respect - for yourself, for others, for the College, the community and the environment in which we live.

Contact Us

You can find, mail or phone us at:

Robb College, Meredith Road, UNE, Armidale NSW, 2351

Ph: (+61) 02 6773 1700