Get into uni ahead of the pack

An ATAR score is not the only measure of your ability to succeed at university. That’s why UNE has an ‘early entry’ program. UNE’s Early Entry recognises that your story is not best told by a number and ensures that you have the best opportunity to go to university.

UNE Early Entry is open to all year 12 applicants and relies solely on your school’s assessment of your attributes and abilities to determine your suitability for entry. The assessment is based around your ability to work and learn independently, as well as your overall potential for academic success at UNE.

Because UNE doesn’t need to wait to receive your ATAR score, you can apply to UNE early, receive an offer and secure a place at university, even before scores are released. This gives you the certainty you need to begin making other arrangements such as where to live and finding part-time work to get ahead of the pack..

Our Guarantee to Year 12 Students

Based on your School's recommendation, the University of New England will guarantee students an offer to start university with UNE in 2021.

How Does the Guarantee Work?

Students will be able to choose up to 3 course preferences in their free online application. Your school's recommendation combined with academic performance will determine the best offer of a university place. ATARs are not required.

We guarantee an offer to every student, if not for one of their three preferences then for an alternative course to ensure that  students have the best chance of success.

Alternative offers may be for another degree, diploma or the Pathway Enabling Course. The Pathways course is free and will build study skills and capability to help students into their course of choice.

Students will receive their offer directly from UNE in November. A UNE Direct Early Entry application does not exclude students from applying through UAC or to any other university, but offers a valuable guarantee of a university place.

What Makes UNE's Early Entry Program so Unique?

The UNE Direct Early Entry program has been running successfully for more than 30 years. We understand that an ATAR score is not the only measure of future success at University. Instead, our approach relies on the School's/TAFE's recommendation of the student, including the student's personal attributes, ability to work and learn independently, as well as their overall potential for academic success at UNE.

Benefits of UNE Early Entry Direct:

  • Apply directly to UNE online
  • No application fees
  • Know earlier (November) that you have a place at UNE to relieve the pressure of waiting for results, and let you plan your big move
  • No UAC applications required - Applying through UNE Early Entry does not prevent you from making another application through a tertiary admissions centre so it’s a great way to increase your chances of getting into the course you want.

Who can apply for Early Entry?

Early Entry is available for most UNE degrees, for;

  • current Year 12 students
  • fulltime students preparing to sit the full NSW HSC in TAFE colleges in NSW and the ACT
  • fulltime TAFE Tertiary Preparation Certificate students

For most courses you are offered you will also have the option to accept the offer and defer for up to two years.