Incarcerated Students

It is a condition of offer to study at UNE that students have access to a computer capable of sending and receiving emails, playing CDs and accessing the internet. Students are required to access their UNE emails on a weekly basis.*

While it is not compulsory for an incarcerated student to be registered with SA&I; they may be unable to complete final examinations and other components of their degree, if there is no formal arrangement between UNE and the student's Education Officer within the Correction Centre. UNE is only able to support students, who have been approved to study by their correctional facility.

Incarcerated students are not required to disclose the reason(s) for which they were incarcerated, however, they need to consider any inherent requirements and Learning Outcomes for the course and units in which they intend to enrol in.

To receive study adjustments, please complete the following:

  1. Written permission via an Authority to Act (form here) from the student for their Education Officer to administer the student’s enrolment and study on their behalf needs to be submitted to SA&I.
  2. Written permission from the Education Officer advising of their contact details and that the Correctional Centre supports the student’s enrolment at UNE is provided to SA&I. This letter should also list any restrictions the student may have which impacts on their studies, for example limited/no computer access, and/or limited/no internet access.
  3. The Education Officer needs to apply for admission on behalf of the student through the UNE online process.
  4. Once the Education Officer has accepted the student’s offer, they can enrol the student in units online. To discuss a study plan, the Education Officer may call UNE Student Central on 02 6773 2000 from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, as our Office does not have the expertise to discuss course outlines in detail.
  5. Once enrolled, the Education Officer needs to contact SA&I, so we can develop a Study Access Plan for the student to assist with liaising with the unit coordinators.

The Education Officer will then directly liaise with the relevant unit coordinator/s to enquire whether they accept a student in their unit, who is computer-exempt and if so provide any online tests or other online participation requirements in an alternative format. This is to ensure that the unit’s inherent requirements can be met in an alternative format.

The Education Officers source and access the required study material for the student, including library books. They should contact SA&I as soon as possible, should any issues occur with any queries regarding the process or a unit of study.

** If an incarcerated student also experiences a disability or health condition, they may be able to receive further study adjustments. Should they wish to disclose a health condition, they need a treating health professional complete this UNE Health Professional Report.

* UNE’s General Rules (35) outline that ‘the University requires all Students to have access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to:

  1. manage all aspects of their enrolment;
  2. receive and send electronic communications; and
  3. be able to participate in teaching, learning and assessment activities.