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Courses - Search (also applies to Quick Search* courses)

The search can be done in two different ways through the Quick Search field or the Courses Search section

  1. Type the first one or two letters of a field of study (keyword) and a list will appear N.B If list does not give you the field you require, try another keyword or you may want to try the browse all section to view a complete list of courses (see Courses - Browse All)
  2. Choose a field of study from the list using the mouse and left click or use key board arrow keys and press enter
  3. Press the search button to execute search
Courses - Browse All

Click the "Browse All" link to view all of the courses available.

Units - Search (also applies to Quick search units)
  1. Type in Unit ID (eg AFM311) to return a full unit description; or
  2. Type in keyword(s) based on any of the following:
     - Unit name: (e.g. Financial Accounting) or
     - Unit description .(e.g. equity accounting)
  3. Press the search button to execute search
  4. Click on Unit ID in the first column in the table to access a full unit description
Blank Keyword Search

To run a search on all units offered, leave keywords textbox blank and press the Search button.

Units - Browse All

Click the "Browse All" link to view an alphabetical list of all units available. The list is sorted by the Unit ID i.e. LS units would be found under L. From here an Advanced Search can be done based on Teaching Period, Mode, Intensive school and Examination.

Units - Pre-requisite, co-requisite and restriction explained

A pre-requisite is a unit that you must study before you can enrol in the next, associated unit. Most commonly, this is because the pre-requisite unit gives you the knowledge you need to take the next unit.

A co-requisite is a unit that you must study before or at the same time as another associated unit. Most commonly, this is because the co-requisite unit gives you the complementary knowledge you need to succeed in both units.

A restriction describes a unit that you have completed and is equivalent to, or the same as this unit. For example the unit may have had a unit code change or be offered at different levels.

Units - Offering

Responsible Campus

  • refers to your course admission campus eg Armidale
  • lists all campuses the unit is offered at
  • all units undertaken for your course must match your course admission campus – most student's campus will be Armidale

Teaching Period 

  • lists types of offerings for units at specific campuses eg Trimester 1, Trimester 2

Mode of Study

  • lists modes the unit is offered at specific campuses e.g. Off Campus (OF), On Campus (ON), Online (OL)
  • Computer and internet access is required to successfully complete any unit
  • Units with a mode of Online do not have any face-to-face requirements and there are no UNE supervised examinations

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