The Statutory Licence for education

The Statutory Licence allows staff at UNE to make reproductions and online communications of certain quantities of copyright material including text, images, print music, radio and television broadcasts, for the educational purposes of the University.

Educational purposes includes the following uses:

  • Teaching students of UNE
  • Making the copy available to students, or communicating to students, as part of a course of study at UNE
  • Retention of a copy as a UNE teaching resource (in office, school or library)
  • Administration of students and courses.

A number of conditions must be complied with in order that the intended use is covered by the statutory licence:

  • Copying and communication must be for educational purposes
  • Copies must not be sold except on a cost recovery basis
  • Copies must be accessible only to UNE staff and enrolled students
  • Marking requirements and quantity restrictions apply.

For the purposes of the Licence:

'Reproduction' means any form of copying, for example photocopying, printing, downloading, scanning.

'Communication' means both 'making available online' and 'electronically transmitting'. A work is made available online when it is uploaded onto a server in a form which is able to be accessed by students. A work is electronically transmitted when it is sent as a file attachment or an email to another person.

Limits on the amount

The licence imposes limits on the amount that can be reproduced and communicated depending on the format of the original material.  Please choose from the categories in the menu.

Warning notices

Licensed communications require a warning notice to be displayed either before or at the same time as the material being communicated appears on the screen.