Graduates' Walk Pavers

Graduates' Walk

What if you could celebrate your graduate success as well as support current students?

You can, by joining over 900 other graduates on the Graduates’ Walk, which is centrally located on campus. Your tax-deductible gift through this program directly assists students through scholarships, and your donation is recognised with a paver on the Walk.

What can you include on your paver?

Please note that your paver can contain Name and Year of Graduation only. There is a maximum of 3 lines and 12 characters per line (including spaces).

The information collected on this form is for processing and receipting your donation. Personal payment information is processed by IP Payment Systems and not stored by the University of New England. Secondary purposes may include updating your details for future communications about fundraising activities and opportunities. This information will be processed by the Office of Advancement, Communications and Events. Information collected on this form will adhere to UNE’s Privacy Management Rule and Procedures. Please visit UNE's Privacy page for more information.

More Information

 Who is eligible for a place on the Graduates’ Walk?

All graduates of New England University College, Armidale Teachers' College, the Armidale College of Advanced Education and the University of New England, as well as UNE Honorary graduates, are eligible.

Pavers are not placed on the walk in any particular order, so you may see a graduate’s name from the 1950s beside one from the current year. You may request a preferred location (eg. outside the Dixson Library) or a specific vacant spot. We will do our best to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee

 How to be part of the Graduates' Walk

Graduates, families and friends are invited to make a tax-deductible gift to the UNE Scholarship Fund.

The donation amount is:

  • $500.00 — Your paver will be located on Graduates' Walk between Booloominbah steps and the fountain in Ingrid Moses Courtyard. If you wish to be located adjacent to or near another paver, please let us know.
Are you graduating soon?

If you've recently completed your course and you're preparing for graduation ... congratulations!

If you'd like to see your paver in the Graduates' Walk on your graduation day, please note we need to receive your gift at least six weeks before your graduation date.

Do you need more information?

If you would like to find out more about the Graduates' Walk, please contact Lisa Harris, Alumni Relations Officer, on 02 6773 2431.

Please note:

The Office of Advancement has final approval on paver text.

Once the paver has been manufactured, no changes can be made, e.g. adding an additional year.
If you wish to specify a particular location, this should be done at the time of your order.

Once laid, pavers will not be relocated.